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  1. Not sure what this has to do with me. Things have changed with the vaccines. M8
  2. That was before the vaccine. The vaccine has changed the playing field. Do you not agree? I do still think the CDC doesn’t have a warm fuzzy if an outbreak occurs onboard. Hopefully, the vaccine changes that. Dr Flipflop is vaccinated and now wearing two masks.
  3. I call it an attempt to control our Freedoms we were founded upon. Once we lose them we are no longer a Free Nation.
  4. Wow. You have quite a detailed list. What you think would’ve happened if you just ignored them. I can honestly say I’ve not seen any kids behave in that manner but I wasn’t looking for it either.
  5. How could he allow the cruise ships to sail when the CDC announced today a “possible” surge coming and they also suggested today a double mask mandate (I guess we now know why Dr Flipflop had on two masks even after vaccinated). Remember though, we can expect to have a small family gathering outdoors for 4th of July. Still looking for those surges that never occurred. I heard Michigan and NJ are having big spikes. Are they not in somewhat Covid restricted States? M8
  6. Do you put in the same effort for misbehaving adults? I’ve seen more of them onboard than kids. M8
  7. I’ve seen new pricing for GS/OS in 2022 and it’s crazy high. Star Class high.
  8. I think we all here appreciate your expertise on all things Royal and Covid.
  9. I’m sure your wrong unless we go to socialized healthcare in which case we are likely to end like other failing programs.
  10. Add Bill Gates to TV reruns and NYC Taxi drivers. God help the Queen.
  11. So now, along with TV reruns, you’re using NYC Taxi drivers for your info? Why am I not surprised. 😇 M8
  12. I believe the environment has changed. We now have a vaccine (Operation Warp Speed) that seems to be really doing well. I don’t recall any cruise lines asking to sail last year or early this year. The current administration is not going to do anything to make our Governor look better than he already is. The narrative has been proven wrong by Florida. M8
  13. No but met him when he was running for Governor and again the last Friday of Bikeweek. Nice guy You don’t like him? Better than the other guy that ran against him that got caught with his pants down to reveal his true colors. M8
  14. The Feds are not likely to do anything as our great Governor is making them look bad. M8
  15. Proof. Source? I think this is what you always ask for. Your narrative ain’t working. Sorry M8
  16. I believe that only lasted through April. It was never enforced. I mean if you wee asked to pull over I believe they gave you a sheet of paper explaining what to do. Same at airports. News crews showed passengers getting the notice when they got into the terminal and most threw them in the trash as they were leaving the airport. We had a friend who lives out on Long Island. He and his family tested positive. He said they were harassed daily to insure they were in their home under quarantine. I’m not sure the lockdown was helpful at all and Florida NEVER sentenced those in LTC facilities to death by Covid. We are vaccinated. The boss pretty much had too as she works around Covid patients daily. M8
  17. I know people who work in the city as first responders but live outside the city. The other is a teacher. They can’t come to Florida because returning requires a quarantine. That’s not “lockdown”? It is to me. Control. M8
  18. It depends on what Kool-Aid one drinks. Florida is fine and wasn’t locked down for more than a month or two. We just had Bikeweek a few weeks back with ~500k people including Spring Breakers. All hotels open and were sold out. No super spreader event here. The control is NOT working. Even Miami, where my son is an ICU Nurse at Florida’s largest hospital, they are fine. We actually went to a concert last night. Sold out. Great to be a Floridian. We have dense inner cities. And speaking of those, our Federal Government took over the vaccine distribution (took away from our Governor who is making them look bad) for these dense cities and it appears the vaccines are by all reports, underutilized. So, what’s wrong with my assumption? M8
  19. It’s my understanding that NJ/NY have been coming out of lockdown. Are you saying you were never in total lockdown? I’d like to know more. Why then I wonder why we have a thread about returning to normalcy? Thanks M8
  20. I think you know and it’s not you. Some of the same that complained about getting “kicked” out of the CL. Just doom and gloom. My opinion. M8
  21. I agree but there doesn’t appear to be much difference in numbers from lockdown States versus States not in lockdown. This is just deaths by State. However, deaths by 100k, open States are doing much better than those in lockdown. The two worse States Deaths by 100k are New Jersey and New York. And they have been in some form of lockdown for a year. It’s hard to keep arguing against the data. Lockdowns are not working but saying so the Government loses control of the people. M8
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