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  1. Thanks. I wasn’t aware flights (air travel) was treated different than Sea Travel. M8
  2. Testing in many ways is not a good measurement for Covid. It’s always been about over running our hospitals and with few exceptions, HAS NOT happened here in Florida, an open State. It kind of kills the theories going on at the Federal level. Sure makes some famous and TV personalities. Florida makes their policies look bad. M8
  3. And that actually quotes the CDC. And they say wear 2 masks. You believe one but not the other?
  4. We really don’t know that yet. Same with how long your Antibodies last. It would be nice to know. M8
  5. Have you been checked for Antibodies? Might be a good idea to check them on a regular basis. I’d be interested in finding out how long they last. M8
  6. Actually, I think the data is beginning to show it’s longer than originally thought. Having said that, I still think they should get vaccinated. M8
  7. They are not spiking either. Saw 200 positive yesterday. Haven’t seen today’s numbers yet. Edited to add. 216 for Volusia
  8. What about the business in your State? What about all the unemployed? What about those losing their home or apartment? Can’t pay bills? Don’t they matter? We are safe and sound and I appreciate you being concerned for us. Thank you. M8
  9. We wear our mask for the most part indoors at a business. Two weeks ago Bikeweek, we saw very few masks. We had nearly 500k people in town for both Bikeweek and Spring Break. Still waiting for that surge to happen. 😇
  10. But wait. That wouldn’t be following the control.
  11. Thanks you for proving my point. The FACTS are, Florida is the 3rd most populous State based on 2010 census and will gain significant numbers off 2020 census. Look at this list. Look at the list of States in lockdown. Great to be 13th in this case. We have not been in lockdown so why are we 13th? Edited to add. Actually Florida is ranked 15, not 13. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/public-health/states-ranked-by-covid-19-test-positivity-rates-july-14.html M8
  12. I’m not anti mask and I wear one where appropriate or required by business. Their store, their rules. I’ve also been vaccinated. W3 choose to get vaccinated so we could get out and travel and take a vacation. About the only thing helpful is since we haven’t traveled this year, we saved a bunch of money and are putting it towards our new home build. We had a $40k River Cruise all in cancelled due to Covid and to date, a couple of cruises now cancelled. We typically spend the week before Christmas in NYC. That didn’t happen and not sure when we will do it again. M8
  13. Just use Florida as an example. Been unlocked since Summer 2020. Almost a year. Florida is an example of what works. No mask mandate by State. No penalty or fine for not wearing one. Restaurants and Bars open. ICU bed availability is normal for this time of year (snowbirds). M8
  14. I hear Michigan is having a huge spike. Isn’t Michigan in a partial lock down? Florida has been open and handled Speed Weeks, Bikeweek, and ongoing Spring Break. I do see Miami with issues with Spring Breakers. Miami is unlike most other areas in Florida. Here is Michigan current restrictions. https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus/0,9753,7-406-100467_100913---,00.html M8
  15. For those vaccinated, it doesn’t appear the viral load is enough to infect others for COVID19. M8
  16. Thanks. Looks like Air travel is different that by boat (Sea).
  17. I’m not sure what the requirements are for kids to cruise out of Nassau. I thought the Bahamas didn’t require a passport for kids. I used to travel by boat to the Bahamas and my kids didn’t require a passport. Matter of fact, I didn’t have a passport at the time. Just a driver’s license and I “think” my kids just required a birth certificate. Rules may have changed. M8
  18. Not a conspiracy. Look at the data from the CDC about school age kids. The cases show that it’s the teachers and staff that have issues and infect others. If you are vaccinated, it shouldn’t matter. Also, a mask shouldn’t be required. M8
  19. What about the 5%? You even mentioned it. Very few kids get sick but 5% of adults vaccinated could get sick and a 70+ is more likely to have a more severe reaction than a kid. M8
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