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  1. Royal is a family oriented cruise line. Smoking banned in the Casino would be a great thing. I fully expect kids to sail regardless of vaccine or not.
  2. But if someone was to get sick, isn’t the 70+ more likely to struggle with Covid than a 10 year old? M8
  3. Two of these links are from August 2020. If you’re vaccinated, it shouldn’t matter if kids are onboard. Here is the CDC’s current position of Covid and kids. Read down for the part how has Covid spread in schools. The data seems to show that it’s the teachers and staff responsible for most outbreaks in schools. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/more/science-and-research/transmission_k_12_schools.html M8
  4. I wonder how many of those “folks” are using this just to keep kids off the ships. That maybe they don’t ever like kids on the ship. It’s going to be summer cruises and summer vacation. Expect kids.
  5. I don’t believe that and the current data doesn’t support your opinion. M8
  6. You really think the CDC will lift the CSO before it expires? Current administration is all about 2 masks even after vaccines and maybe a small gathering outside with family on July 4th. M8
  7. Then back to my example. It’s a lot less likely that a child under 18 will become symptomatic than a 70+ year old. Royal is starting sailing in the Summer and you can bet your dollar it will include children. M8
  8. School age kids. That should cover up to 17-18.
  9. But you’re not being forced to stay on the ship. It’s a choice. Want to get off, take a ships excursion.
  10. Then you are not following the data. The data seems to show that children don’t have enough viral load to infect others. It’s the teachers that are spreading Covid in the schools, if any, and not by the kids. If your vaccinated, you shouldn’t have to worry anyway. M8
  11. I was wondering why I saw an ashtray on the table around 1:10. So smokers, wanna smoke on your balcony, book TUI. 😇
  12. Seems that post on his timeline is no longer there?
  13. How is it discrimination? How’s it not fair. It’s your choice. Sue for what? It’s their ship, their rules. Want to cruise, get vaccinated. Otherwise, don’t. M8
  14. One thing, they were not very good in moving vehicles especially over bumpy roads. Then came the Smart Phones and CD’s were doomed.
  15. It still remains, vaping is not permitted on the ships. Take it up with them.
  16. We are watching Mayans tonight. 3rd show Season 3. It’s our fix for Sons of Anarchy. M8
  17. I haven’t heard that. Everything I see says vaccinated only over 18
  18. I was in Publix today. They have a sign that says mask required. I wore my mask. I didn’t see anyone in the store without one. I have several boxes of mask. I have a box in both cars and a box in each of our motorcycles. So it’s just a habit now to grab one. Since this is a cruise site, if everyone onboard the ship is vaccinated, I see no reason to wear a mask. M8
  19. It’s tempting but best not discussed here. If you’re vaccinated, a mask shouldn’t be necessary. That’s what the current data is showing. Florida has been open. Students in school. No mask mandate by our Governor. Our numbers are equal to or better than most lockdown States. M8
  20. Back in Mid 90’s, the company I worked for was based out of Louisville Colorado. Due to rising medical costs (self funded plan), they banned ALL smoking on campus and that included the remote business locations, including the parking lots. Smokers began paying nearly double the premium for both medical insurance and life insurance. It didn’t take long for most of the 18,000 employees to mostly quit. I had service techs and they were not permitted to smoke on customer property either. Myself and a bunch of my friends all quit during this time. M8
  21. Others are listening to the music. Dropped to 13% in 2018. Youth trend is way down as well. Once it drops below 10%, smokers will be statistically insignificant and likely all smoking will be banned. https://www.lung.org/research/trends-in-lung-disease/tobacco-trends-brief/overall-tobacco-trends
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