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  1. I did the same thing two weeks ago and got a little pushback. I think I had to mention twice that my boyfriend could not drink due to medical restrictions and they did allow me to purchase the refreshment package for him. Soda only was not allowed. Lisa N.
  2. This is so exciting! I'm heading out on her in 38 days because my friend's daughter is in the shows. I was already excited but you're really taken me over the edge now 😄 What was your favorite thing to eat in the MDR? Thanks for the great recap :) Lisa N
  3. I was on the GOS two years ago in Sept and it was pretty dead after 9pm, but everything wasn't closed. Just not a lot of people around (at least on my New England/Canada cruise). We would go to the Viking Lounge for late night drinks. It wasn't very busy but it was open and a good place to sit and sip cocktails. I'm thinking we were there until about midnight or so. We'd also go to schooner bar were there was piano music until maybe 10 or 11 and more of a crowd. I did a live review if you'd like to check it out. Enjoy the Grandeur! It is a lovely ship and the crew is awesome 😄 Lisa N.
  4. Oh no. So we might have to make a purchase on Anthem in order to get the "free" milkshake? UGh.,😞
  5. Hello all you knowledgeable folks! Looking for a little experienced info here as I don't personally sail often. In your experiences, are you able to get milkshakes from Johnny Rockets for free with the Deluxe Beverage Package? What about the refreshment package? In particular, I'm asking about this on the Anthem of the Seas. I've heard they are very delicious shakes! Thanks in advance Lisa N. ❤️
  6. WONDERFUL Review!! Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciate you sharing the experience. My mouth is watering for that shrimp! Can't wait to hear about Day 6! What other things are you looking to try? I know what you'll be having for dessert :D Thanks again! Lisa N.
  7. I just finished your dinner review and can I just say I LOVE it! You do know a lot about food and your descriptions are very insightful. Thank you for talking about texture as well as taste. I also find it helpful to know what your husband thought too as it is very subjective, like you said. The captions following each photo are terrific - as are the photos themselves! GREAT JOB!!!! I am very much looking forward to the rest of your review and I especially hope you go to Wonderland 😄 Thank you for sharing with us!!! Lisa N.
  8. Never been in a suite, but was on the Grandeur last fall and it wasn't a very noisy ship in general. The pool was often closed early and hardly anyone was out and about after 9 pm. Lisa N.
  9. LMAO. Well Im' going to drink. He's not. So I don't think that will work LOL But yeah we'll make up something about medicines interacting I guess. Thanks Lisa
  10. Personally, I just showed up with my so one night and we got a really nice table so we went ahead and reserved it for the remainder of the cruise. I believe you can do it either way though. And the wait if you don't reserve is pretty minimal. Lisa N.
  11. What excuse did you make? Is letting them know you drink a lot and your spouse doesn't enough?? Lisa N.
  12. Still useful! Just finished it myself for a cruise to Bermuda in Sept 2019. Thanks! @BigHouseFootball! Loved all your food porn pics! Nice job. Lisa N.
  13. TERRIFIC pics of Charleston. Really enjoyed them! And your sunrises/sets. Thanks for sharing with us :) Lisa N.
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