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  1. Thanks, it was the "D" before the other abbreviations that messed me up.
  2. I guess I don't understand any of the abreviaions like DD,OP,DH,DGS. What do they stand for?
  3. I have had 9 cruises cancelled since this all started. I have a back to back scheduled bon the Enchantment out of Galveston for Sept 17-25 and Sept 25- Oct 2. And then Oct 4-11 on Liberty and then the repositioning of the Adventure from NJ to Galveston for Nov 5-16. Also 2 in December. As well as quite a few next year. I just hope to start cruising again soon, but not sure it will happen. I might just keep forwarding my FCC to other dates.
  4. Royal gave all cruisers that were affected by hurricane Harvey out of Galveston on Liberty our 7 points. But of course we were all t9d cruise was not cancelled and we weren't cancelled until the day of departure. We were forced to go into a hurricane area or loose our money if you booked non refundable. And also there was a class action suit filed because of Royal's action. I chose not to join the suite, but I did get a few perks the next two weeks on the last 2 of my 3 weeks. But only after I asked.
  5. With this new cancellation until September 15, I loose another 4 cruises. This makes 9 cruises I have had cancelled. What makes me mad is that at least 5 of these cruises were free cruises I earned in the casino and as far as I know they are gone. Anyone else know how or if Royal Caribbean will give me these free cruises back?
  6. No one knows how I feel. I love cruising, but feel that RC has let us down as "Loyal Royals". They are the ones that encourage us to cruise more with promise of perks, then take them away.
  7. I will stop now. I have stated my complaint. Let those who want to pay more do so. Happy cruising.
  8. Lol,. Grapau27, you have a point. We always tip over and above the gratuities charged. I too have seen this and heard people talk about having the gratuities removed. Sad situation. I should just let those who want to pay for the "Key" do so. They probably won't have that option for much longer based on all the reviews out there.
  9. Finally someone who understands where I am coming from. It doesn't seem to mean anything to RC for the "Loyal to Royal" passengers. We made Diamond in 4 years, no suites and no single cruising. And made Diamond plus in leads than 5 years. We are almost half way to Pinnacle at right at 6 years cruising. All RC, but getting a little tired of having to ask for all the earned perks. There has not been one cruise that I haven't had to ask for my room perks, even the cookies sometimes.
  10. If I were you, I'd start looking around. You too will be old one day, good luck on staying young forever.
  11. We have earned these perks they were not given to us. I have paid for these so called perks. You are welcome to forfeit your perks if you wish since you think they were "given" to us. Live a little longer and learn.
  12. The "Key" passengers can continue with their special perks, as well as the "Suite"and "Pennacle" members. Just saying they have taken one of our earned perks away. I am not "young" as outlined by some of you, but I have earned my status and plan to fight for what I have earned. ( And paid for on the long run). I hope more furious diamond plus members have the nerve to speak up.
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