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  1. Make sure you print out a copy of your travel summary. My name wasn't on the list one time for the free play so I'm glad I had proof.
  2. Whether or not you can go out on your own is up to the island, not Princess. You would need to look up each stop to see what their rules are.
  3. They're going to add Coastal California with Cabo. I found it somewhere on the cancel email. They are releasing the new cruises on 9/16. Follow the links on your email from yesterday and you should find the replacements.
  4. We were on the Dec 7, casino vip cruise. We can move that booking to the same one, same perks etc to next November. So, that's what we're doing.
  5. Correct. I did not get the insurance money back.
  6. I cancelled a free casino cruise for next summer. I got my money back, had upgraded to a mini, except for the deposit. Since I had the insurance, I filed that to get the deposit back. Haven't heard a word on that though I keep bugging them.
  7. That is on the CDC website for the 2 days. Princess has not changed.
  8. Sure hope not. Supposed to go in December. But, if they do, I hope they decide soon. We've got another vacation planned for November and I could make that longer....I think I hate the waiting game more than anything.
  9. I read on our Roll Call for 12/7, Lahaina is doing a major port overhaul
  10. We have a trip to Mexico planned, getting home 15 days before the cruise. Will cancel if things don't calm down dramatically. I am not missing my December cruise. I'm retiring at the end of October and if we don't go to Mexico, I'm going to semi-quarantine also.
  11. What I haven't seen addressed on the website or here..What if one gets Covid in late October or early November? You have a mild case and feel better quickly or are asymptomatic....One can test positive for weeks after getting covid which is why you can't get retested within 90 days since its worthless.
  12. So, a Tuesday cruise would be Saturday? Or does the day you set sail count as day 3? Or if it's 72 hours and sailaway is at 6, do you count back 72 hours from then? Am I overthinking this?
  13. this part confuses me. So if we Cruise on Tuesday, can we get the test on Saturday or does it need to be Sunday? Makes it hard with a weekend in there to get results.
  14. No fettucine on the favorites side? My husband will be heart broken!
  15. been there done that. Just about ready to uninstall and see what happens.
  16. I can't get into the DMW on any cruise. I'm hoping that our reservations for the next 2 are still in there.
  17. Decent prices I think. I do think it's interesting that Window Suites now cost more than Vista's.
  18. We did the princess excursion of this. About 30 people on the catarmaran. It was nice.
  19. Just booked another one yesterday. Gotta love the deals.
  20. I requested our state department of public health form (IRIS) showing all vaccinations. In Iowa it's really easy and good to have back up beyond the card. I would assume every state has something like this.
  21. When ordering drinks via the app, make sure you check the price. My last cruise was a medallion cruise and the app tried to charge me $24 for a drink with vodka. I took the evidence to the help station on board but they didn't have it fixed by cruise end. Given they've had 18 months, hopefully it's fixed.
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