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  1. Bob, Where is the bed on the following: Oasis 11185 Allure 11603 Mariner 8276. Thank for your help, Wendy
  2. I think that I have finally figured it out!!! Just doublechecking, Central Park Balcony, on Allure, #11639. Bed by balcony???
  3. marshpastor, I totally sympathize with your wife. I have had Meniere's disease for 35 years and need the patch to fly. Always have meclizine in my pocketbook, just in case. However, I don't need the patch or even the pills when I cruise on the Oasis class chips. Have done 4 of them, and even hit a bit of rough seas once. It's amazing, but am getting tired of the same ports. BUT, no patch, no pills-it's definitely worth it!!!
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