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  1. 317, until the sailing on the refurbished Sunrise, now the Triumph!
  2. Or just get the tattoo on the last evening as a souvenir. That way, you would be on land for the healing process. I may just get my first one then??!
  3. Sad to say right now, there isn’t a take out cruise planned. From conversations I’ve had with their Agents, it’s mostly gonna be crew, VIPS. They want to get the kinks out before any passengers board. I don’t blame them really. They appear to be ahead of schedule from pics I’ve seen. Sure, they may still be kinks on that April 1st. but rest assured, they will know how to handle anything that happens.
  4. They’re gonna be for outdoor YOGA. I get updates thru email almost every other day about something new they’ve revealed. I’m booked on a later Inaugural Season cruise, and can not wait!!
  5. I had no issues with anything when I booked my cruise. I booked in the afternoon of the 14th. Had a confirmation email within minutes of signing off the site. (I always do that in case there is a problem.) I take cell phone pics of the details, cabin number, payment method, balance and when due. I have never had anything to not show up quickly. Looking forward to this new kind of adventure!🏝🏖⛱
  6. I was on the Dec 3 2018 Havana overnight. Once we had the clear to go on shore, had no trouble going thru the line. I was on my tour in about 30 minutes total. Going thru the customs thing in the evening was also no problem. You do have to have your passport each time you leave the ship. It was an exciting visiting Cuba. So on my VV cruise, I’m doing the Dominican Daze 5 night.
  7. But it does include your gratuities, and ALL 20 restaurants, plus an array of sodas. Extra on other cruise ship lines.
  8. Just booked the Oct 16, 5 night 2020 Dominican Daze cruise!! I’m so looking forward to this. 610 days , and counting down. I have been waiting for bookings to open, since I missed the prebooking last year. Hurricane season or not, I’m going for the adults only atmosphere. 2 sea days, and 20 restaurants to choose from, I’ll start losing weight now!!
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