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  1. Just an update - after speaking to a different rep at Amex, they reopened the claim. Looks like the refund has already been applied to our account (less than one day later!) despite our not yet having provided documentation showing our cancellation and follow up email to the agent. Refund amount is off by $200 (ie. we basically have paid a $600 admin fee when really it should only be $400) but, at this point, we're willing to take that "loss" and are just happy to be made close to whole. We truly hope Crystal makes it through to the other side as we definitely would sail with th
  2. Worried I may have waited too long to dispute the deposit we made with Crystal. Cruise was planned for Dec 2021, deposit was made in October 2019 and we cancelled on April 8th. I called Amex tonight and they are saying that the dispute needed to be made within 60 days of our cancelling. I called them out on that statement saying that still would have been well within the 90 day refund processing period Crystal was spouting such that there was nothing they would've/could've done at that time. She's going to do a some research and get back to me tomorrow. Fingers crossed they can over
  3. We cancelled on April 3rd and, 120 days later, as of August 3rd, we are still waiting for the refund of our deposit on a 2021 cruise. Fingers crossed we see a refund before September 3rd! I'll keep you updated.
  4. Hi Keith - I actually booked directly with Crystal via one of their employees/agents all 3 times. When we did the onboard cruise booking I was very clear with the onboard agent I wanted to designate a TA (the new one) and provided all the necessary contact information for that TA. I trusted the onboard consultant when she said the paperwork was filled out properly to ensure that designation was made. I don't understand why the new agent would only get a partial commission in this case... Being relatively new to cruising, I didn't appreciate there was a difference in service b
  5. After reading the comments on this thread, I feel like I was mislead/duped by the onboard sales consultant. We had used a Crystal Travel Agent on prior bookings (3 in all) and I knew that for the next one I wanted to switch to someone else (my uncle's TA is fantastic). While on a recent cruise, I specifically stated to the onboard consultant that (a) I wanted to change TA and (b) wanted to ensure that the new TA received the full commission all while ensuring I received the onboard booking discount. I was advised that the only way to get the discount was to book while onboard (apparently
  6. just a couple of more photos that we took while walking near the dock....
  7. I was on Crystal Serenity last year for the North Cape cruise and absolutely loved Olden! Very small, non-commercialized and beautiful town. We went on the new Loen Skylift (10 - 15 minute shuttle ride from the port) for some of the most amazing views. At the top, there were several hiking trails well mapped out with distances and difficulty levels. Olden/Loen truly was one of my favorite stops on the cruise. Here are a few photos....
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