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  1. LewiLewi, we are currently on Serenity. The answers to your questions are none,no,no.
  2. My experience with getting the Bahamas visa yesterday mimics Kieth’s. It took 2.5 hours. Also I found the information provided by Crystal very helpful when filling out the application. Just take your time .
  3. Hopefully, the Four season’s hotel will be offered for the 2022 GV cruise
  4. We will be first in line to book. We really like the itinerary. Yes , West may be better but we did the 2018 WC which went East and no regrets. After all it is a Crystal Cruise. We are excited.
  5. Go to the Bahamas health visa site. I believe that it states that either a Rapid antigen or a rt- pcr test is required
  6. I was only commenting in reference to the link that stated that the WC final payment was due on October 6 th. I wasn’t referring to HOOPLA And PRESTIEGE.
  7. Kieth, as you stated it is your experience. Timbuktu also had his experience. And he was merely giving a summary of his experiences on the cruise. I appreciate everyone’s input.
  8. Agree, I just do not understand the statement that final WC payment is due on October 6 th. Since there will not be a WC per say.
  9. I was under the impression that the 2022 WC had been replaced by a Grand Voyage. We are booked on the 2022 WC and have been notified of such.
  10. I have flown in and out of MaImi airport at least 6 times, no problems. I’ll take my chances there rather than at an airport on island time, Just my two cents.
  11. Timbuktu, Thanks for your insightful post. We are embarking Miami on September 20th. Really looking forward to returning to Crystal. We’re you able to playTrivia ?
  12. GV itinerary will be published in September. So as people say on this board. Time will tell.
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