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  1. Possible this is a change since we sailed in 2019.
  2. FYI, the laundry on deck 9. CN be used by pax on decks 7and 8
  3. Recently disembarked Serenity Miami 1 week ago. I was totally surprised that we walked thru immigration and customs in less than 15 minutes. Easy pest ! Enjoy your cruise
  4. With the problems I am having with Crystal over this cruise. All I can say is good luck.
  5. Eight Paws, just curious, since you were staying at a hotel , why didn’t you just go to the pier. An Uber or cab ride would have eliminated waiting for Crystal to transport you to the pier. Since your boarding time was 1:30, you could have arrived at the pier at 12:30. we will be boarding on October 22. And we will go directly to the pier as per instructions provided by Crystal. once on board I hope you had a wonderful cruise.
  6. We disembarked this past Monday in Miami and stuffed camas on a menu during our cruise.
  7. We are scheduled for the October 22nd Bermuda cruise. And we are not cancelling. We just disembarked Serenity yesterday. And it was a wonderful cruise. We felt very safe. Yes we did exercise caution. Especially in more crowded venues such as the shows. We never sit in the middle. That area is always crowded and little to no social distancing. my plan is once we board is to have the least amount of pax contact on embarkation day and evening. So as to not be involved in contact tracing if someone tests + on Saturday.
  8. We are booked for the October 22 cruise. And this my plan as well. On embarkation day social distancing obviously is very important. It is a shame that 13 pax are now paying a big price for being close to pax that tested +.
  9. Ditto, disembarked today. Quick,efficient process, cabs easily accessed 27$ flat rate to airport
  10. Yes, test is Monday am. plenty of time to get infected after that
  11. Bingo, I think that Kieth may have solved the date of exposure for the 5. So the 5 more than likely were infected several days prior to boarding. The viral load probably was not large enough to trigger the less sensitive r antigen test which Crystal gives on embarkation but there was ample load for the pcr test to be positive the next day. We’re the 5 a family, just traveling together, live in NY and know each other. Knowing the above is important Possibly a virologist could comment. with this incident, I’m afraid that pax will not wear the tracer until after the pcr test is done by the Bermuda govt.
  12. I believe that the Pilates reformers are only on Serenity
  13. Kieth , the Cobb salad looks great. It is our embarkation lunch as well. However, On embarkation Waterside was unfortunately closed. so plan B , Chinese chicken salad in Silk. This may have to be our new embarkation lunch until things get back to a more normal state.
  14. On Friday September 24th a Taste of Tuscany was offered for lunch. 130$/ guest. I don’t know if there were enough takers. I was surprised. we did this on Symphony in 2019 and it was great.
  15. We just received notification that the GV is now offered as a 102, 116, 132 day cruises. we were booked on the Mia to Mia 2022 WC and opted for the 116day Mia toMia Gv. All benefits included.. I am currently on board Serenity and I will check on testing. However, I’m sure this has not been worked out in this ever changing environment.
  16. It will be interesting to see what will be available on October 1.
  17. LewiLewi, we are currently on Serenity. The answers to your questions are none,no,no.
  18. My experience with getting the Bahamas visa yesterday mimics Kieth’s. It took 2.5 hours. Also I found the information provided by Crystal very helpful when filling out the application. Just take your time .
  19. Hopefully, the Four season’s hotel will be offered for the 2022 GV cruise
  20. We will be first in line to book. We really like the itinerary. Yes , West may be better but we did the 2018 WC which went East and no regrets. After all it is a Crystal Cruise. We are excited.
  21. Go to the Bahamas health visa site. I believe that it states that either a Rapid antigen or a rt- pcr test is required
  22. I was only commenting in reference to the link that stated that the WC final payment was due on October 6 th. I wasn’t referring to HOOPLA And PRESTIEGE.
  23. Kieth, as you stated it is your experience. Timbuktu also had his experience. And he was merely giving a summary of his experiences on the cruise. I appreciate everyone’s input.
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