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  1. Any idea if they list the ingredients on the containers/dispensers in your stateroom? ‘Cos that link has reaffirmed my need to bring my own toiletries, aloe Vera is the bane of my life. It’s not that rare an allergy, so many people suffer without realising their “cure” is actually the cause.
  2. just hope those ropes were properly pre-soaked. Fairly infamous story about a famine era landlord in my home village who got a fancy new ship built for shipping cargo, first decent rain shower on it’s maiden voyage and the ropes all swelled up, promptly jammed up everything and the ship sank. It was uncovered in an extreme low tide here about 20 years ago, some local enterprising types went and salvaged the couple of tonnes of slate cargo.
  3. Also check the front page of the daily newsletter for the local port agent contact details in case the worst should happen. I usually take a photo of it with my phone. If you miss the ship re-embarkation the ship security will have left what they found in your safe with that port agent. make sure you bring that photo ID with you, some ports are stricter than others. On my first cruise another guest forgot her ID at our first port of call and the port security weren’t going to let her back onto the pier until they heard us making arrangements for me to go to her cabin and retrieve her drivers license. I had my passport with me so the security guy decided me + her room card were sufficient for her to get through the check point.
  4. Some of us don’t react well to water created from the on-board treatment plant. It’s weird I know but I have a weird immune system.
  5. You just need to find the *right* alcohol, my brother can only drink vodka and tonic, whereas that’s the one drink I have to be careful of. Anything made from corn is dodgy for me, I can’t even contemplate Smirnoff vodka no matter how much it was distilled.
  6. I’m liking the look of the ship in general, but there’s a few design elements that will give me the worst case of vertigo if I saw them in person, Razzle Dazzle being the most extreme example. I get a headache just looking at the pictures of that restaurant. Are they doing any solo meet-ups? Or will they be doing them once we’re past COVID-19?
  7. I’m doing a Rome tour with ItalyTours when I disembark, originally it was to kill time until my flight home. Then my airline cancelled the evening flight so now it’s to use the day I have to wait until the flight home on the day after.
  8. So is the octopus a stress ball for when the app goes to pot?
  9. I got a couple of nights there on a Priceline express deal, enormous rooms!
  10. Most sleep meds fail miserably for me, possibly due to the majority being some form of anti-histamine and I’m on anti-histamines every day of the year. But the gentle rocking of a cruise ship…. I’m sound asleep in record time.
  11. I guess we all now have a new reason to take pictures of our luggage… make it easier to pull if the test comes back positive.
  12. The way they market it varies as well.. in Europe I notice they’ve stopped saying “free at sea” on the front page banner ads. 5 years ago the daily gratuities were included in the cruise fare, now there’s a checkbox during the booking process so we see how much it is and can decide whether to pre-pay it or not, (this may or may not have something to do with the people who insisted on having the charge refunded once on-board). The EU authorities have thumped travel companies in the past for misleading headline pricing so there’s a bit more transparency now. We do have to pay €99 for the promos (if we want the 2 or all offered at the time of booking) that are “free” for North American’s but we don’t get hit with extra gratuity charges if we pick the drink and/or dining packages. Also you notice the little asterisk * attached to the price for the promo and the 30% off. Anything listed as reduced has to have listed at the higher price for 30 days before it can be advertised as reduced price.
  13. Probably newbie staff… there’s been quite a few people mentioning incorrect latitudes numbers/status at check in. Remember some ports are only just ramping up. If the re-hiring for the cruise ports has been anything like the hospitality industry here in Ireland they’ve probably lost quite a few people to other industries that weren’t affected by lockdowns.
  14. The problem for me to act on that threat is that I’m unlikely to be in the vicinity of a lounger claimed by a hog for long enough. I lost an aunt to skin cancer so laid-out sun-worshipping isn’t really something I do, not that I did much of it before her illness either.
  15. The ships with the dedicated seafood restaurant omit the lobster options at the other specialty dining restaurants.
  16. Was the testing required for everyone disembarking in Rome? From what I could find there’s nothing more than the locator form and covid passport required for EU folks.
  17. Ohh.. if I were someone hanging out in the vicinity of a lounger “held” by nothing more than one of those towels for any more than an hour the towel would disappear and then the hog would wind up with a charge for losing the towel they left unattended which ought to be an appropriate punishment for hogging.
  18. That depends on the cruise… I know the solo meet-ups aren’t happening on the Epic at the moment so not being in a studio means no access to the lounge. I opted for an interior cabin for a cruise next month because it was half the price of a studio and it was a late booking. Normally there is a daily solos meet-up either in one of the public bars or in the studio lounge, if it’s in the lounge the coordinator leaves a door open for those not staying in a studio to attend.
  19. So happy that I can finally go to rugby matches and concerts again … 🥳 Ireland’s still on track for a return to near normality. Over 90% of all adults are now vaccinated, and 75% of the total population has had at least one dose. The booster campaign for care home residents and the immuno-compromised is due to start next week and we’re now sending vaccine doses to Africa. The universities are running vaccination clinics to get their students covered, the 18-34 year olds have had the slowest vaccine take up. I was at a rugby match for the first time since February 2019 last Saturday, the stadium was only at 50% capacity but it was soo good to see familiar faces again, as well as roar and sing and shout. We do still have to wear masks at such outdoor events and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.
  20. I’m hoping some of the recent guests on Epic boarded the cruise in Rome… what is the covid Testing setup ? is it at the port or somewhere else? Also are they being strict about check-in times? Because I’ve booked so late I’m not going to be able to get to Civitavecchia until after 1pm and I’m hoping that won’t mess with testing/check-in
  21. Try their online chat service, that’s how I got contact info for a specific consultant. There shouldn’t be a problem with € to $ as they convert cruise next vouchers from $ to € all the time. I inevitably have issues using credit of any type when paying for a cruise online because their web-interface can’t calculate the balance correctly in euros and I’m in Ireland so euros is my local currency and I’m using the eu site. I always wind up contacting their support service to apply credit and set the correct balance for my card payment.
  22. on the Pompeii and Sorrento excursion did they include entry and guide for Pompeii?
  23. The rule against EU tourists travelling to the USA is going away in November as long as you are fully vaccinated. the news broke a couple of days ago in Ireland.
  24. I suspect there’s different regulations in different countries, I deal with the European side of NCL and have spoken to multiple PCCs. The latest one was via their online chat service and she called me to give me her direct email address. But that was the first time one of them called me. I’m pretty sure EU regulations wouldn’t allow exclusivity tied to specific PCC.
  25. I’ll be on the epic the week before you, also obliged to use NCL excursions at the Italian ports but it has been mentioned that the excursions at Naples May allow some free time but that is likely due to local regulations. I’m doing Pompeii & enchanting Sorrento, open air Florence sightseeing tour and Nora a walk through ancient times as the excursions at the 3 Italian ports. At least I’ve the $50 excursion credit per port to reduce the costs a bit. I’ve booked a half-day tour with Barcelona day tours for Barcelona, and a local tour company in Palma for a 3hr e-bike tour.. minimal shopping time in Palma as the local shops don’t seem to open until 10:30am. An awful lot of stuff in Barcelona is closed on a Sunday which is why I went with a tour option there so I don’t have to go researching too much.
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