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  1. thanks. hoping we go as I want to see Visby the cute island off Sweden. Also want to see Riga as well. The other ports I have done but only did one day in St. Pete. toodles I will look for the roll call.
  2. There is a great You tube video from Ovation showing all the empty areas of ship. Produced by the senior tech fellow who is maintaining all electronics on ship.
  3. Never ever turn down an opportunity to cruise on an Oasis class ship. Many areas and lot of choices. A ship for everyone. Go and enjoy all the wonderful outdoor areas. Love Allure ans Harmony!!!!!!!!
  4. So I checked my planner yesterday and saw that my cancel request had not happened for Aug 5th on Adv and still active. Then I peeked at room assignment and I got one of the solos afterall. Was happy to see that. So I called and had them put back active status and correct the price from 4600 back to 1500 for base price. So anyone else who might want to change their mind for Aug 5th should call since perhaps cancel requests are pending. Anyone still on the 5th, I hope to see ya and will look for roll call next spring.
  5. keeping fingers crossed for you. I am doing B2B on Odyssey in July from Rome to Greece and hoping for the best. I also have B2B in Alaska but on two different ships. NCL Encore and Princess Majestic end of Aug and beginning of Sept. If neither sails then I will just have a good cry and cuss out anything and everything.
  6. there is a small company with boats holding about 30 people who is taking folks out to sail among the ships. Look it up and might be on You tube. Lots of people doing this and the fellow is making money with views of Anthem and Allure off coast of UK.
  7. I am so happy I decided to take the cancel on Adv/Jewel Aug 5th. Jewel has only 3 solo rooms and Adv had 5. Besides I have never had any cruise line assign me a room and I am not about to start now. I just do not understand why Adventure and Jewel had to be swapped. Any one know this. All the problems it caused and makes no sense.
  8. Agree, never ending. Then again not sure why Adv or Jewel are being rearranged. Oh well stay tuned
  9. too funny, Well I like any beach where the water is blue and I can see my toes. That means NO Jersey Shore for me. again toodles.
  10. or any ship or beach actually. also, no need for lip balm either
  11. yup they want to be left alone as it is a lot of work. I hope they have rehired some folks in Miami to handle the work. I guess the large suites and balcony folks will be hardest to please. I just don't want next to elevator of crew stairs. But I have 11 months to make a change. And I am quite sure they would be happy to upgrade me if I want to pay more Toodles. BTW. what is your usual beach or favorite beach?????. Mine is in Bermuda
  12. ok. Gee You give Twangster competition in the "KNOWLEDGE department" !!!!!!!! I do hope you are right. I lost a HAL cruise due to ship being sold and April Odyssey in FLA. So this was the 3rd one. I for one will be fine with Jewel and all the nice glass windows. I have done one Voyager class already so in the end only thing will be what room I get. Might have to end up calling and begging for a change. Thanks
  13. To quote Elvis, THANK YOU, AH THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
  14. but the announcement in general says Jewel will be doing 7 days cruises out of Copenhagen. Confusing at best. Then again my email did not say 10 day not 7 days. The email did request patience and wait until 28th for all the changes and moves to finished and notice via email where each of us ended up. So the Aug 5th I thought was part of the description on the list. Time will tell. but I would hate to not go to St Pete again.
  15. Well now this will be interesting to see how the ADV on Aug 5th shakes out. A 10 day becomes a 7 day and looking more. The ship will do Visby Sweden Helsinki Finland, and one other. Not sure if this ship is really only doing 3 stops for Copenhagen and NOT doing Russia. Never seen any cruises to Baltics NOT do Russia. Time will tell and should be interesting to see how my solo room that I had on lower deck in front near medical center translates to Jewel that does have 4 solos up in the front near suites. Can't wait to see what I end up with. But I am price protected and getting some OBC. GLAD the Odyssey has no changes since I lost my April cruise in FL on her. I feel like cruising is becoming for like playing cards what with re shuffling.
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