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  1. wow what a pretty hull she has. Can't wait until 2023 to take her from Iceland
  2. I do not think ANY cruise line will do a Trans Atlantic or Pacific because those trips are longer and away from land. In case of covid coming from one continent to another. So watch for HAL and Princess etc... to do the same. thought things would be calmer in Aug of 2021 but I guess not
  3. your test at Walgreens is fine and the use of NAAT is described on their site for both PCR and rapid Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID NOW): The Rapid Point-of-Care (POC) - NAAT (ID NOW) test also detects genetic material (mRNA) of the virus. The test is performed on-site, and results are available within 24 hours.
  4. try Walgreens. Oh and there are two rapid tests. I have read and heard that the idNOW is the better one. And you can try non drugstores locations that are aligned with a hospital. Also where are you flying into? perhaps near the airport or at the airport they have testing sites. I have read that CVS is trying to add more locations as well. Pretty soon testing will surpass the getting vaccine locations
  5. well it goes to show that being honest can sometimes cause a problem. I mean if a week or so before a trip something happened but then ya got over it and no worries. Like if you over did it hiking or breathed fumes of some kind or swallowed wrong. What I mean is use good judgement when answering these questions because being denied could happen. No way in hell would I say yes unless I was truly sick in which case it would be on me to not show up then. A slight sniffle or tickle in my throat I would not admit to and make sure I am sucking on something like Halls when in line. I guess folks with asthma are allowed to travel as long as you admit to it and have medicine with you.
  6. Add one more thing to the discussion in that some CVS and Walgreens ALSO SAY ya need a doctors note too. READ THE RULES for each store and make a list of stores to choose from. Toodles all
  7. Good to know as I heard on news these scans of menus can be a risk for hackers
  8. Well heck you just 2 more days and so tjat is good right ?
  9. For me I will go and test and if I have to pay then I will do so I can cruise. Such confusion on testing just like vaccines.
  10. They do the quick test which RCI says is good. Perhaps a different test is needed for Adventure of seas. Walgreens is 4 day advance reservations. CVS is 2 weeks. Again I spent time doing research and so read each locations rules as they vary - half in my area do want doctors note and also half CVS places ONLY do PCR which takes much longer. Look for rapid testing. There are 2 kinds one gets results in hour and one in 24 hrs. Again read each stores rules carefully and plan if needed to drive around
  11. Do they have the menus posted outside that you can look at or photo?
  12. And get a doctor note in advance in casr needed. Research which stores do or do not require a note. Check Walgreens too.
  13. But be careful as only some do rapid. And some also require doctors note. Not all CVS are alike. That is why I am going with Walgreens but even some of their stores want doctor note. Read carefully before you sign up
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