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  1. Oops sorry replied to wrong post. Meant to reply to Rccl
  2. BOO TO YOU. You need to try any Oasis class and I bet you change your mind.
  3. On the May 13th sailing on Ovation in Alaska, they did NOT do the Quest I find it boring. But, on Carnival Vista it was a bit out of control Also. The whole team goes up and so folks tripping all over each other. Also, on Vista the Love and Marriage show the contestants stay seated and usr chalk boards. Quite different and no chance for verbal interaction with host.
  4. Yes the back of the ship is accessible as the walkway goes around. Also a few chairs. You can stand there and chat about the last port and where you both just visited. Then segue into where you want your life to to go forward to. Sound of the wake is nice. You can look both ways to see who is nearby. I would say early evening is good. Traditionally looking at the water is romantic. Best of luck.
  5. There is a nice area behind the Aqua theatre where you can watch the wake of the ship. I think standing there is the perfect place on the ship.
  6. Thanks for sharing this video clip as I never seen it. I was on the special 11 day Alaska sailing in May and I enjoyed the ship as much as Anthem of the Seas. I also got to meet Captain Loy on the All Access Tour. He was easy to understand o er loud speaker. Our ship since it was 11 days doing the almost same amount of miles as 7 day, we enjoyed calm seas and going under Vancouver bridge was great fun. Toodles. Hoping Odyssey comes to east coast.
  7. I chose Ovation for Alaska on May 13 because of the ship. But the itinerary was unique and special too. Ship went slower and in 11 days we got to visit two ports that won't be repeated. Lots of time for Northstar and also walk on easy. So ship and itinerary were equal in choice for the special Alaska trip. Last year did B2B on Serenade for Norway and Baltics. When picking for ship I suggest going for longest itinerary as possible and/or B2B. I am doing B2B on Symphony next Spring to get quality time on ship and see lots of ports. Waiting for Odyssey of the Seas to open up soon.
  8. I was on deck 9 and beds took 1 night to get used to. A tiny bit hard but no separation on middle. However, I will never pick a room next to a lot of white space. I was in 9187 and had noise at 1am until 4 am. It was the room service area and other activities. I heard clanging and voices and vacuuming behind the walls. But after complaining to customer service, the officer of housekeeping sent me voice mail that he would resolve the noise and sent me dipped strawberries. Noise was reduced greatly but never totally went away. Also the temperature control is excellent in the rooms. Enjoy the ship. I was on the 11 day that included Hubbard. But you will like Dawes glacier in Endicott Arm.
  9. I just got back from this tour a week ago as I was on the Ovation of the Seas. Walk along the paths leading up to and beyond the bridge. Many interesting signs to read along the way. It is just as fascinating to view from the sides than actually being on it. There is a steep area right where ya get on that would need a person in front and behind to steady the wheelchair. Judge the crowds too see if doable.
  10. Wow hoping for the best. They day things happen in 3's so be careful on next choice. I think charters are getting out of control.
  11. I did the 11 day first Alaskan cruise and everything about the ship was wonderful. The crew, the ship, the shows, food was way better than my Serenade ship last year out of Copenhagen. The Captain was easy to understand and crew was exceptional. Because there were a lot of crown and anchor folks on board, I would say some folks might be hard to please in regards to voom or drinks I also felt the mixture of nationalities on this trip made for some rather forward and aggressive behaviour in the buffet. For me I won't be bullied into sharing a table In fact I found some folks who are well travelled to be stand offish as well as critical. Ovation is perfect for Alaska and I got to meet Captain on the All Access tour. Very nice and answered many questions. The ship is a true all weather ship. So do book Ovation as she is a clean and beautiful ship. Only wish she was doing Ketchikan port. Many windows to look out.
  12. Oh yes agreeing with this as well. I was on the Bliss and when bad weather, everyone inside the ship. I did the Explorer of the Seas (RCI) in Alaska without covered pool and it was windy and folks were annoyed. so NCL might brag about the observation, but cover the darn pool too. I will check out MSC Seaside as I did not know they had a roof. then again some ships that had the roof are removed during dry dock for a large movie screen which gets less use that a pool would. oh well
  13. YES YES YES I agree with you. The atrium is too noisy and odd. mini theater can serve a lot of purposes. I have also thought the Haven being up high in front was not worth the money. Closed in small pool and their open deck up in the front were it is breezy. Well Carnival ( sorry I know this is NCL site) but they have their upscale Cabana area down lower and in the back with the pool on the aft and the balcony rooms open out onto the promenade with hammocks and chairs with a gate for each room as well as separated from the rest of the ship on the promenade level.
  14. Sorry I am not on the roll call. feel free to do so . Again note sure if all the weeks are loaded but May 13th is. They might only do a week or so in advance
  15. Hey folks I just logged and was surprised to see Northstar loaded in for reservations. Get going now folks I am excited to be on the ship May 13th. Hoping we make it under the bridge.
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