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  1. I heard they like the hairless cat a lot. Wonder if it goes to Europe with her? She did the Summit and Equinox before Edge. I will wonder how the various male captains feel about the lady CEO and Kate getting lots of attention? I think X and RCCL should swap captains around between the various ships. I think Kate would jump at chance to go to an Oasis class ship.
  2. Look at port times. Ketchikan is a great port for walking and shopping. Lumberjack show is good too.
  3. It would make sense to keep the ship on the west coast. They should try for a couple of round trips to Hawaii in Feb or Mar and then have ship in Hawaii for the TA to Vancouver next early May. I watched Ovation arrive an hour late in Seattle today on Elliott Bay webcam live and it was sad to see her come in with no place else to go for awhile. I guess the mood on ship must be sad too and for officers.
  4. you were lucky to get Ketchikan though. Quaint town with lots of nice shops. Ovation never did this port back in 2019 and the only other time was their test cruise. that is why next year I am doing Quantum of the Seas just to do this port again. Well you are on the last sailing before the ship leaves for god know where and when. They have to wait for Australia to decide if they want any ships. Crazy crap if you ask me. So if the Captain is still H Loy, go to his captain chat as he is good. Best captain behind Captain Johnny IMHO. Save journey I loved Ovation in 2019 and got to do the famous first sail from Vancouver.
  5. I was able to check in for my Nov 6 Oasis a couple of weeks ago even though I just paid the balance due 4 days ago. I just notice the box on the web under my reservation said check in available so I did. by the way early boarding is over rated. Best to wait until 75% of the ship has boarded. You wont have the crowds and just get a nice breakfast at whatever hotel you are staying at. Later is better in my opinion. Do not like the WJ crowds on boarding day. It's like folks lose their minds feeding.
  6. Um okay. Leaving late 2 hrs I would thought an announcement would have been made. Sorry to have bothered you.
  7. You are having good weather today and yesterday. But, why did ship leave 2 hrs late from Juneau? Even Celebrity left before your ship
  8. Note the Ovation did not do the Quest back in May 2019 either. Sometimes the cruise director or Captain do not want it as it is rather wild. I did have it on the Anthem out of Bayonne with CD Abe Hughes.
  9. funny thought. I guess it is true and for those who drink themselves to sleep. For me the suites maybe bigger, but if you can only afford an inside room, you will still get to eat and see the ports, the shows, and all the other offerings. Might not be the exclusive lunges or restaurants but really who cares. I find the urgency to book suites quickly to be odd. I mean many regular balconies are nice rooms too. And the so called special lounges and restaurants all make for a more expensive cruise. I find sometimes the egos on ships annoying too. having said that I am doing Symphony of the seas in April of 2022 and I had to get a Jr Suite to use an FCC, Pricing for the regular balconies were less than my FCC so I went for it. Do I expect to be pampered, NO. I will like the bigger balcony though.
  10. does not surprise me as when Australian cruises go on sale to those living down under first.
  11. 3 yrs ago on the Vista it was open during sea days which makes it more fun.
  12. go to cruise deck plan.com just about every ship is there
  13. kinda of a shame since just two days ago I watched over 5k people in stadiums with no mask.
  14. wonderful to hear. enjoy your cruise. Wonder of the Seas for Europe is now on sale
  15. I am happy with mu late Sept from Barcelona in a forward facing ocean view. Only a few hundred more than solo balcony on the Edge in November on same itinerary. Too bad no Jr Suites. At least I have one for Symphony in May 2022. Glad for the oceanview facing forward
  16. I think you should never use nicknames on vaccine cards or tests. Just as a rule, use real name for most things. Nicknames for for dialogue not official papers. just saying
  17. of course today the Ovation of the seas is coming into port and it is partial sun and no rain and 2 degrees. So it is hit or miss with that port.
  18. good to know. Over on RCI thread one of the casino guys was able to get off on the Coco Cay private island and he was full of such GLEE
  19. the only part I feel bad about is in the main theatre with less people. wonder how it really affects the cast. Also I heard that because of covid, all ships won't let any crew off except their own island. So for Alaska the crew has to stay on board. And I assume no meeting the captain or photos. So while less crowds are good to a certain point, it can diminish the experience. I mean I would not want to walk around Disney World empty and go on all the rides by myself.
  20. Yes folks over on HAL threads on N Amsterdam said the same thing. Explains why on Friday at 6am the Ovation of the seas was about 10 mins late getting into port
  21. for a first cruise I would always advise May or June or early July. The weather is nicer, the snow packed mountains are beautiful and great for doing the Skagway train. Also, the days are longer. Sept and Oct can be more rain and less daylight. All this week every ship that went to Juneau had lousy rain and clouds. Today I looked at PTZ webcam and the weather is very nice but NO ships in port. too bad in a way. However, if you are going, wear layers as the day will start coldish and change a couple of times before you get back to ship at 6pm.
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