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  1. Hi, I'm looking for input from anybody who has done a 7-day carnival cruise over a holiday. We'll be sailing the week of Christmas this year (Dec 21 - 28) and I have been told that the standard formal nights are always on the first full day on the ship, and the second-to-last full day on the ship - in my case, that would be Dec 22nd and Dec 26th. However, it seems odd that they wouldn't have formal night on Christmas Day. Do they change the formal night schedule for holidays??
  2. Yeah I’m aware the package deal is for prints, not digitals.
  3. Well I finally read the details a bit closer and saw that yes, the canvas will be of 1 of the 5 prints we choose. :) Sounds like that might make a great gift for grandparents... 😊
  4. @Shaded Lady thank you! I didn't know that all the photos would be saved for us to search through. I suppose I would have known that if I'd planned on purchasing prints last time but it wasn't something I looked into. That's good to know!
  5. Hi, I'm hoping to hear from people who have done the pre-cruise Pixels package for $99.98 that gets you 5 prints plus a canvas. I have a few questions about the logistics... 1. Does the canvas print have to be the same image as one of the 5 prints you choose? Or can it be a different photo, giving you 6 total shots? 2. Do they offer a way to save our various prints throughout the week, and then make our final selection of which ones to keep at the end? I've only done 1 carnival cruise, and we weren't planning to buy any photos but we'd go look just for fun. I recall that photos from the earlier days would get replaced with new prints. I would hate to pass on a earlier photo thinking it might not be a favorite, only to get to the end of the week and wish we'd chosen it. It would be stressful of having to decide on prints without having seen the photos not taken yet. 😃 If we can have any amount of our photos saved/held for us, and then on our final sea day look through the 20+ pictures of our family, and choose our top favorites to take home, and reject the rest - that would be ideal! 3. How is the canvas packaged? We'll have a flight back home and wouldn't want it to be damaged. 4. And I suppose my last question - did you feel the package was worth getting?
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