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  1. Lois, I hope you come back with some info. My husband likes the idea and opportunity to be off the beaten path.
  2. There are many boutique hotels in the city center which will be steps from Vaci Street (long pedestrian street) or the river. And the cost will be much less than a tour will offer. A ride to the airport runs about $35 U. S. Do a little research on trip advisor and its member board. Maps of the city neighborhoods will help as well as the hotel recommendations. We were just there a couple weeks ago for four nights. My niece lives there and made sure we saw things often missed by visitors like the ruin bar area and one of the baths. It's a very walkable city if you stay in the city center. Too, everything is VERY VERY reasonably priced.
  3. Thank you all for the info. Do their dining rooms allow for tables for two? I presume dinners include two or three entree choices?
  4. We ve done Avalon and Uniworld cruises. We are considering joining friends on an AMA ship. So will we be happy with the ship experience? I know it's subjective, but would like something similar to what we are familiar with. (Itinerary isn't at issue. )
  5. There is the Everglades Holiday Park, which we visited years ago. Check out trip advisor for others.
  6. Not a dumb question.... and you will have no problem catching that earlier flight. A BIG improvement to the sitting for hours at FLL waiting for that later take off. ARGH
  7. You might look at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Brickell too. We book that one on Chase almost every time we use POM. Includes breakfast and in walking distance to lots of evening spots for your group.
  8. They don't ever go below 20% off. Not all cruises offer the "sale". And not all excursions will be included. Also "sales" are for a limited time. In most cases, we book privately. However, there are some ports that have few private guides and fill quickly and way in advance.
  9. By refusing to leave the ship for proper treatment, this guy put himself in danger of infection. I'm sure if my husband had severe burns, I'd be the first to pack our bags and leave the ship for his immediate emergency care. What was SHE thinking? :eek: This is crazy.
  10. The guy was wrong, not you. Of course you can hold a seat for your husband or any traveling partner. The only time it can get tense is when a group of 8 or 10 sends one or two bodies to hold all the seats until minutes before the show. Now THAT'S not right.:evilsmile:
  11. Hope you can get your bill corrected. This is a good lesson for others. Check your acount daily when cruising. (any ship or line) Mistakes happen. And the fix is quick and easy when you report it as it appears. It's a lesson we learned years ago on another line.
  12. I'd wait. No pluses for ordering before boarding. Too, you might find the classic works for you. You can up grade after a few days if you find the classic not to your liking. Remember you only pay the difference in cost on the more costly drink. Dh finds the classic good enough, but will pay the $3 or $4 more for an occasional "better" beer. A better value for him rather than upgrading the entire package.
  13. No matter where the bed is located, dh and I always have a miniature flashlight on our nightstands. We don't travel without them. Needed them in a London hotel one evening when a neighboring guest blew out some fuse.
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