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  1. Hello, I can can only find courtyard penthouse and aft spa suite pictures. What’s the deal with lack of pictures for the 2-bedroom villas etc? We sail the first week of December and really want to see the room decorations. 🙂 Any help would be much appreciated! Have a a good day!
  2. Where are all the pictures of the rooms? Is it normal to not see any pictures so many days into the cruise?
  3. Thank you so much for all the pictures and videos! I’m loving what I see! I actually really like the new chandelier (I guess I’m in the minority 😂)! The one one thing I thought was kind of strange is the carpet in the Haven’s Horizon Lounge. It’s a pretty blue but it needs some rugs or something, it looks a bit plain. Can’t wait to embark on my journey in December! ***EDIT: One more thing I’ve really come to appreciate, the hull art! The computer imaging photos didn’t give it any justice. When seeing the Encore on the open sea, the colors look amazing!
  4. I want to say it was $220 per person when I booked a few weeks ago.
  5. Hey there, Just FYI, we are on the Encore the first week of December and we’ve already booked the Thermal Spa week pass. I called and booked it over the phone because I couldn’t find it on the website. We’re in the Haven so not sure if it matters. We did the same on the Escape, but we were also in the Haven (I have no idea If this affects the ability to prebook or if it was just a coincidence).
  6. Hey there, my family and I are booked on the Encore for this December. Second time in the Haven Family Villa...woohoo! I'm curious, a lot of the mega ships seem to be leaving Miami in 2020, anyone know the reason?
  7. My family and I are sailing on the Encore in 2019 but I’m already excited! Can anyone share, or point me in the right direction, for some details about the Encore? Thank you !
  8. Hey there! Does anyone know if there is a planned refurb for the Getaway before it repositions to New Orleans in 2019? I love cruising out of New Orleans but I would prefer to go on the Getaway after a refurb. I know the Breakway is getting one and I’m sure the Getaway could use one too! Thanks in advance!
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