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  1. Well said, except that sometimes they DO change the smoking areas. But good point.
  2. @jsn55...Doesn't that just make too much sense? I always book through Princess, and even the agents don't seem to know for sure where the smoking area will be!
  3. Skynight, thank you! I appreciate that! We've been on several Princess ships, but when we plan one we haven't been on before, we look here to find the "place to go" and Always follow the rules of the ship! 🙂
  4. I just want to say something on this topic. "Back in the day" the topic came up because Princess was terminating the option of smoking in staterooms, and on balconies. My feeling was that this topic came up for smokers to "complain" but also, to find where they Can smoke on the ships. Now, it seems most who post here are just here to Hate the smokers. I don't believe that was the original intent of this thread.
  5. Thx, @Colo Cruiser, maybe this isn't the one for us...still considering 🙂
  6. @Colo Cruiser Since you mentioned it; How is the Island? Looking at a cruise for the summer. Smoking areas OK? (I believe this is one of the "small" ships, no?)
  7. I remember when we went on the Grand to Alaska 2(?) yrs. ago, the Coral was also in port (maybe Juneau), and their smoking "section" was outside and uncovered (unlike ours on the Grand). Probably not much help?. Also, for others, when we were on the Regal (repo to the Caribbean), we had the best smoking area; again, when we were in Alaska (on the Grand) we saw the Royal (the sister to the Regal), and they DID NOT have that really nice smoking area!
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