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  1. Not sure what else to tell you. I was onboard and I stand by my statement. The Capt did not comment on the health status of the crew / passengers every day we were at sea from San Antonio to San Diego. He stated there were no signs of flu-like illness each day when we were in the vicinity of San Antonio and Valparaiso but he did not comment on crew / passenger health every single day we were at sea.
  2. Then please be consistent and clear when describing what occurred. Saying this... "A captain announcing publicly daily that there was no illness onboard..." IS NOT THE SAME AS saying this... "..he made a daily announcement like that up until the 25th..". The first statement is an exaggeration that makes it sound like the Capt told passengers the ship was illness-free EVERY SINGLE DAY. That simply did not happen.
  3. This is incorrect. Capt Leo DID NOT claim there was no illness on board "daily". Capt Leo said there were no reports of people with flu-like symptoms early on in the evacuation while we were circling off the coast of San Antonio and while taking provisions in Valparaiso. There were no signs of COVID-19 at the time.
  4. It's not over yet. There are still over 200 passengers on the Eclipse that will travel to Alcapulco, Mexico to disembark. My thoughts are still with them, the officers and crew. Thankful Celebrity is leaving nobody behind.
  5. Captain Leo just announced they are finalizing the medicine / supply load and will be heaving anchor to head to San Diego soon. 🤩
  6. If you don’t trust what GS said then ask the Cruise Director. He is having an open QA session tomorrow in the Eclipse Theater at 11:15am.
  7. I’m on the Eclipse. We took on fuel today but our provisions are being moved from San Antonio so we will not receive them until tomorrow. Did the Pursuit take on fuel today?
  8. While I can see the logic (and personal benefit) of keeping us onboard for a slow cruise to prove no Covid-19 exists I’m not sure Celebrity wants that liability. If an illness (would not even need to be Covid) were to occur onboard the chances of it spreading fast are high. What if a crew member catches something while refueling, moving supplies onboard or off boarding trash? People were kept on Princess and it did not end well for a lot of passengers.
  9. Interesting... Are you on the ship? I don’t see it listed in your signature.
  10. I’m on the Eclipse. Celebrity indicated charter flights will be provided if commercial flights are not available. Celebrity is compiling the air travel info for every passenger and Flights By Celebrity is engaged to figure out the logistics.
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