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  1. We were just on the Millennium for a B2B cruise of Alaska. There are 4 US electrical outlets and 4 USB outlets in Aqua / Concierge cabins. 2 electrical outlets and 2 USB outlets on the base of the light on the nightstand next to the bed. 2 electrical outlets and 2 USB on wall next to the desk. If you zoom into the attached pics you can see them...
  2. Wow! Hubbard was really clouded in that day. We were lucky on our second visit of the B2B...
  3. Just got back from a B2B Alaska cruise on Millennium. I would take a room under the cafe over one under the pool deck. Even on an Alaska cruise we could hear people walking around, placing table tennis or moving chairs. Most of the cafe is now carpeted. We never heard any carts.
  4. My wife and I used it on Millennium during our B2B Alaska cruises earlier this month. The messaging function worked well but the app did not always trigger a notification on the phone when a message arrived.
  5. My non-pro tip: Air Canada has direct flights from Toronto to cities in Asia. We are in Cleveland so we flew AC through Toronto to Shanghai for a cruise on Millennium and then flew back from Hong Kong. Just a quick 40 minute flight from Clev to Tor then a 14-15 hour flight to Asia on a Boeing wide body.
  6. We were just on the Millennium for a B2B Alaska cruise (5/10 to 5/24). We visited Hubbard Glacier twice and no separate excursion was offered on glacier viewing day. The captain was able to get with 700m of the glacier which made viewing from a separate boat unnecessary. Seals could be seen resting on ice flows from the ship. Maybe it is offered when the S Class ships visit HG b/c they cannot get very close? From our Aqua Veranda...
  7. Let us know how close the Eclipse is able to get to Hubbard glacier. Captain Theo was able to get Millie within 700m of it. 🀩
  8. Thank you for posting a pic of the Millie leaving ISP! 😍 I always find it hard to get a good pic of the ship I am currently cruising on. I did manage to get one from the top of Mt Roberts in Juneau. 😁
  9. I’m on the Millie cruising Alaska as I type this. People have been using both pools (indoor and outdoor). Outdoor is in use if it is sunny and we are docked with no wind. Outdoor hot tubs have been used too.
  10. Sorry to hear about the missed port. We were on a Baltic cruise the Eclipse out of Amsterdam last year and did not encounter any problems docking in St Petersburg’s. She needed help docking in Warnemunder due to strong winds. How high were the wind speeds in St Petersburg?
  11. We are on Mille now at Hubbard Glacier. If you run warm then the fleece with raincoat would be perfect. That is what I have been using for the past week. When it is sunny with no wind the fleece is enough. When it is windy (like on deck when on the move) you need the overcoat to block the cold breeze. Don’t forget gloves and maybe a scarf to wrap around your neck and face. If you raincoat does not have a good be sure to bring a hat.
  12. We have been using cellular connections (AT&T) for Internet while in port. I thought I saw a notice in one of the dailies early in the cruise indicating satellite would be unavailable periodically. HGTV was unavailable this morning but both ESPN were visible. Earlier in the cruise the opposite occurred, ESPN was out but HGTV was visible. TV satellites are in stationary geo orbit so the further north you go the more difficult it can be to get a signal. Also can depend on the orientation of the ship since the receiving dish may not be able to swivel a full 360.
  13. We loved the Eclipse and Equinox. Took the Eclipse on a Baltic cruise last year and the Equinox on a Western Caribbean cruise earlier this year. Both ships we well designed, maintained and service was excellent in each. YMMV
  14. The Grand Princess is anchored in the channel and Golden Princess is at the pier. Golden, Grand and Ruby are the same class but Golden has a distinctive structure at the rear. Ruby headed back to California from Vancouver.
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