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  1. Our cruise to Alaska is only 7 nights. One each at the speciality restaurants, one night booked at Tracy's craab Shack. One night MDR and well, my husband is a bit of a buffet fan. I would love to go to the MDR for breakfast and lunch as well. We will just see how it goes.
  2. I asked this question on a Princess facebook page and it was removed by admin but not before a few people left me an angry face. A couple of people did answer but would like a few more to reassure me. I am not trying to start anything, I genuinely want to know as I want to make every minute of my cruise enjoyable and do not want to have people looking down on us because I am not in a ballgown and tiara and my husband isn't wearing a suit. Anyway, we would like to have one meal in the MDR but not on a formal night. We travel light and dress for comfort, not to impress. So I would wear black trousers, a feminine pretty top and good leather ballet flats with some sparkly jewellery. My husband, kindest, most hard working man I know (thats whats important to me, not the fact that he doesn't own a suit) would be in tidy black levis, a button down shirt with a collar and clean tidy shoes. So will we be dragged on deck and made to walk the plank or would we pass muster?
  3. We have booked dinner at Tracys Crab Shack in Juneau and thought it might be pleasant to walk back to the ship afterwards but I am confused. Google says its a 1 minute walk but the excursion details quote a 15 minute drive.
  4. Yes totally agree. Warm scones are a must have. No warm scones, no meπŸ˜”
  5. We are on the Golden in 4 weeks. Do they have the daily afternoon tea on this one and do you need to make a reservation?
  6. Well after much thought I have decided not to book anything at all. I was only going to book a tour because I thought I should do something 'touristy'. Whale watching seemed the obvious but I live on the Sunshine Coast of Australia and have whales migrating just off shore for 6 months of the year. We can book a tour for 2 adults and our 2 grandchildren for less than the cost of just me going out from Juneau, especially with the terrible exchange rate that is getting worse by the day. So I am going to do something I can't do at home. I am going to try and get into the Sanctuary and just totally chill out, then wander into town for a coffee and some retail therapy.
  7. I contacted them nearly a week ago with a question. Never heard back so they have lost my business. Finding this to be a common theme in Alaska, no response to emails. I guess they don't need the business.
  8. I am interested in a combination whale watch and Menendehall Glacier tour out of Juneau that I found on a booking website. I have been advised to book directly with the tour company but need to find out who they are.
  9. We have always booked our excursions through the cruise line. We felt the extra money is worth it to have the security of the ship waiting for us if late back. We are sailing the inside passage next month and have booked an excursion in Skagway that we will do togeather then 2 in other ports just for my husband. I would like to do something I would enjoy but nothing Princess has to offer is grabbing me. However I have found one run by Alaska Sore excursions I would be keen to go on. But is it too risky to book through an independent company.
  10. I am considering options for excursions from Whittier to Anchorage after disembarking in Whittier. Very interested in the 26 Glacier cruise and transfer but notice that it is the only excursion out of all of them on the entire cruise that does not mention if there are restrooms on the coach after the glacier cruise. Its a 1 hour 45 minute journey to Anchorage and I can have a weak bladder at times especially if its cold. Has anyone done this tour and able to answer if there restrooms on the coach?
  11. So you can still turn up, pay your money, walk into the sanctuary and find all the best seats already taken? Sorry to ask such an odd question but I'm really not sure what the system is regarding the Sanctuary.
  12. How do I go about reserving the sanctury online? I seem to be able to reserve everything else well in advance but can't find anywhere to do this. Thank you in advance.
  13. In the past we have had an oceanview cabin and a balcony cabin but this time decided to try an interior cabin for our first Alaskan cruise. We are only ever in our cabin to sleep anyway, preferring to relax in public areas or spending our days exploring the ports. I booked the cruise online myself and was able to select exactly where I wanted to be, I'm quite fussy about cabin location. The option came up asking if we would be interested in a possible upgrade and decided to reply 'no'. I just didn't want to risk been upgraded to a cabin in a location I wouldn't be happy with. So how many of you are also happy to stick with your choice and not risk the upgrade?
  14. When I made the booking for our Alaskan cruise sailing into Whittier, I did not book a transfer to Anchorage as we had planned to travel onto Seward. We have now decided to go directly to Anchorage instead so would like to book the transfer. I have looked at our booking information on the Princess website and can't find anywhere where I can make that modification. Suggestions please.
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