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  1. Spot on! Both the male and female lead singers at BB King's were awesome. They pretty much made the cruise. My group gave all remaining entertainment mixed reviews.
  2. Thanks again Atlanta. The chardonnay list didn't get any deeper so it looks like a nonstarter.
  3. Well I pulled up the beverage listing and it wouldn't really help much. The listing indicates wines under the old limits and not the new and there is no way to tell which wines would now be available since no pricing is included. Hopefully a revised listing will be published soon. Or possible a listing of available wines by the glass with pricing.
  4. Thanks Atlanta. Surprised I didn't see it. Looks like the conversation came and went pretty fast!
  5. Looks like HA has raised the price limit on drinks to $11.00 for the signature beverage package. So now this just might work for me if there is a decent selection of wines by the glass under the $11.00 limit. My DW was a no go at the previous limits.
  6. Do they charge for treats from the Explorations Cafe? And does anyone know the hours of both the cafe and the bar?
  7. Silly argument. While it doesn't affect the flavor of ones food it does impact the flavor (ambiance for those living in Rio Linda) of the room! It would be like heading out for Trick or Treat and finding that no one has a costume on. Although your candy would still taste the same, the experience wouldn't be the same. But the people have spoken!
  8. Sailed HAL some 10 or 12 years ago. Wasn't my favorite line but it was OK. Thought I would try it again for my upcoming Alaska cruise. Wished i had done more research prior to booking. If I had this booking would never have happened!
  9. And they say there are no more production shows on Holland America. Maybe someone could chime in about current shows on the Oosterdam.
  10. Are there any ship activities that take place on the observation deck in the crows nest on the Oosterdam? Thanks for any information.
  11. The PMJ website seems to indicate that the shows are rotating between the HA fleet. So am I understanding correctly that it s in only one ship at a time? What is shown in the theater the remainder of the time?
  12. Deck 10 plans include an Explorations Cafe. If not I am going to be very disappointed as it was one of the reasons I booked a cabin on deck 10!
  13. Does Holland America assign boarding times or is it first come first served?
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