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  1. Is end of September/begin October considered good or worst time for cruise?
  2. Hello is end of September a good time for British Isle cruise or a bad timing?
  3. Thanks you all!! Two more questions: - will the classic package include cappucino? - if we sail with children and only get 2 perks - will they charge me for them as well? The children drink water only.
  4. Hello I see celebrity has 3 perks proposal and I find it difficult to choose from. Dring package - we need sometimes cola for my wife, mineral water for the baby. Since we cruise on UK I guess i will drinks beers on shore. So is it worth it? Tips - can I just skip it and pay directly to employees? Internet - will it actually work? Credit onboard - can I use it for reservibg excursions before the trip? Can I use it for my children on board as well? Like special dining? Finally - if there will be a drop off in price in future - how can I contact to ask for the drop off as well? (For example - kids for free)
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