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  1. Thanks, not necessary. They are on the cruise and had no issues during boarding so your guess is as good as mine if indeed the vaccination attestation was never answered by them. Maybe BIL answered it and did not realize he had answered it but they both swore the link was never available to them on their cruise manager nor did it ever show with the green check mark as having been completed.
  2. Nope, nothing except a cheap bottle of $5 Walmart wine. Maybe a discount on higher bottles of wine but I had to ask for the free bottle so they weren't mentioning a discount on something fit to drink!
  3. They made it on, no problems.... Your guess is as good as mine!!!!
  4. Thanks for the info but the final payment thing is irrelevant. They are supposed to board tomorrow!
  5. Maybe they filled one of those out and that is why there was no separate link and the link was not needed, I sure hope so.
  6. I went out of Florida the 18th and had the vaccine question. I am not going to stress my sister out any more about this about telling her what she needs to do or who to call. I have been telling them for 12-14 days now that there is a vaccine question they will need to answer unless something has changed and it sounds as though nothing has changed because I have relayed all of yall's answers to them.. I even offered (two separate times) to look on their booking with some fresh eyes to see if they were overlooking it, because I just got off the Horizon a week ago tomorrow and have done this whole process very recently and never got an answer either way from them. That was probably BIL's doing so if he screwed up trying to be the big know it all man and is trying to do all of this on a little smart phone and does not see the vaccine link then so be it! I don't know what kind of privacy issues he thinks there would be with me looking for them but if he don't care then I guess neither do I except for her sake!
  7. Well, he said fax but I guess he ran it through a copier and emailed it, I don't know but it worked fine!
  8. Yes, that is why it took 24hrs. The guy at guest services said he would have to email the office and fax what I had in hand. He also said he would call the next day with an answer and I will be John Brown he called just like he said he would which surprised the heck out of me. The rules say you are supposed to send the request I think 3 weeks before sailing but I did not book until about 2 weeks or so before sailing so 3 weeks would have been impossible. I also took copies of the the email I sent with no response from Carnival and a 2nd follow up email I sent with no response and he faxed all of it. Maybe since I had proof on a hard copy that I indeed emailed the info and never got a response was why it was so easy.
  9. This thread is not referring to the health questionnaire, well, I guess you could call it a vaccine questionnaire, we are talking about the one question link in your cruise manager asking you to certify your vaccination status. They have their vaccine cards and it should be understood that currently that is as important as your passport if you have no exemption. They filled out the health questions and I did too a couple weeks ago for my sailing the 18th on the Horizon but never was I required to hand over a copy during embarkation. Maybe things changed since you sailed.
  10. Thanks for all the input yall.....I will let you know tomorrow how this turns out for them.
  11. They just called him again and he says if they were going to cancel them, their booking would not be on there this late in the game. PVP supposedly has notified someone to call him when they are on board but they have been looking for this link for over a week now, ever since I told them about it a few days before I boarded the Horizon on the 18th. Is it possible brother in law overlooked it somehow, I guess but I sure hope that is not the case!
  12. And even I know if nothing has changed, his freaking answer to them is just wrong!
  13. They called their PVP 3 times about this and all he is saying that is the health questionnaire "should be sufficient" and that is the sorriest answer I have ever heard!
  14. I ended up getting mine on board, took about 24hrs to post and was easy. I had all my brokerage info with me to give to guest services.
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