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  1. My daughter just got all her money back for the same May cruise and she cancelled a week before Carnival did. I thought Carnival was holding certain funds for FCC if you cancelled before Carnival did? Not complaining, just thought that was how it was...
  2. Was cruising mid May, the cancel came out from Carnival Whenever it was cancelling May sailings and a week later I emailed the cancel link. Was not sure about cancelling or getting the $600 was the reason for the delay. Got my money 3 or 4 days ago.
  3. I am planning on rebooking anyway but I do not blame you one bit. Up to 90 days is ridiculous!
  4. My bank told me 60 days from the transaction on a different issue but we will see what the cc does.
  5. We know the threads about the refunds from carnival and all that hoopla, but is anyone having trouble getting their insurance refunded rather than a future use of it?
  6. Well, my PVP told me day before yesterday there is no way he would even remotely comment on the fit to sail requirement because it was just too early in this situation for Carnival to discuss that parameter as of now.
  7. They don't unless you filled that precruise stuff out already and even if you havent, if you take injections and they find or notice that, you would get turned away. Pills may not be as obvious if that is all you take but there is no way I would risk it if I was a diabetic, even if I did not use injections.
  8. If you really wanted to sail, and don't require a sharps container, you could just lie but you are putting yourself at risk. Unless of course you filled out that precruise stuff and already told them you were a diabetic, then you may have a problem if you showed up at the port with the intention of lieing but they already knew you selected as being a diabetic.
  9. That is not snarky, that is a valid question but I guess they would have to see folks with three of those to start even making a baseline.
  10. Exactly what I said in my post about it being a side issue for them right now.
  11. Well, when you click on titles and finish reading all the replies you may forget what the title said. Not everyone has a stellar memory. My original post should have indicated to you that I was not realizing the fact you were a diabetic. All you had to say to me was that you are a diabetic, geesh!
  12. Sorry, I was not trolling you, honest. I did not read your post as saying you were a diabetic anywhere.... I was just trying to give you some hope that you could most likely take your cruise because you never said you were a diabetic. You said you were compromised because of an inability to take meds, which still did not make it clear you were a diabetic
  13. When the suspension is over, Carnival might relax these health rules, or, they may keep them in place for a much longer period of time. We have no way of knowing any of this yet and I am sure Carnival is treating this as a side issue to even have to contemplate right now. If our ships sails in May and these rules are not relaxed, we will have to cancel too. I fully understand your concern. Sounds like the guidelines don't even apply to you and even though you mention diabetics, it does not sound as though you are a diabetic. To say you are compromised because you can't take Tylenol, is that even a thing? Maybe intolerence should be your word but when you say " compromised" I would take that to mean you would get sick easier than others or have more severe outcomes should you get sick. I don't think compromised is your word is it, I am asking here on a serious note???
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