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  1. upwarduk

    To the experienced travelers: What would you do?

    Just be aware that St Marks Square in Venice is VERY expensive, not really the place to choose to have a cup of coffee. I found eating in the square in Florence less expensive.
  2. upwarduk

    putting a link into a post

    When I press on your link( Here) this is the message I get: 'This content can no longer be edited. It may have been moved or deleted, or too much time may have passed since it was posted for it to be edited.' I'm sure this isn't what you wanted to illustrate!🤣
  3. upwarduk

    Another persons cruise under MY Celebrity!!

    This happened to me a few years ago. I kept getting e mails inviting me to book Speciality dining for my up coming cruise. i kept informing Celebrity that I didn’t have a booked cruise. Eventually, when I was sent an invoice that demanded payment I put a complaint on FB. I was contacted within a few hours to say that things had been put right and thank you for letting them know. Apparently our first names were the same and our Captain’s Club numbers were similar. Someone in Miami had mixed up the e mail addresses.
  4. upwarduk

    Livorno to Florence - Best way to do it on your own?

    Just make sure your ship is in port long enough. We used a ship's excursion, just because of time restraints. I think the coach took a good 90 minutes to get to Florence.
  5. I have gone into my signature to delete one of the Countdown Clocks ( for some reason I have 2 for the same cruise) It won't let me SAVE, telling me that my Signature is too big! I know its too big, I'm trying to delete one, but it won't let me save. 🤣🤣🤣 Very frustrated!!!
  6. I choose BOLD to write is, which is better.
  7. upwarduk

    Questions. App and subscribed threads?

    Found out that my iPad needs to be in Landscape mode to access the above!!
  8. upwarduk

    SO difficult to navigate the new CC

    I checked out my Lap Top and was glad that I did, as I found my name with an arrow at the side of it. This took me to numerous links that I coulda not see on my iPad in Portrait mode. I have now put my iPad into Landscape mode and can see all the links!
  9. upwarduk

    Major bugs

    Using my iPad Very few functions showing when using portrait mode. Went on to my lap top where I saw my name with drop down menu. Didn’t find my user name with drop down menu until I changed to Landscape mode on my iPad!!! Went into Profile, where I thought I would be able to adjust my signature, as it is showing 2 countdown clocks for the same cruise. Where do I find it? Punctuation After a full stop, The key board does not automatically put in a capital letter, this is BAD, as it is so much easier to read if correctly punctuated!!😥
  10. upwarduk

    Questions. App and subscribed threads?

    Ok, that takes me there if I follow your link, but how do I find it without your link, which I won't always be able to find. It was easy on the old board, by going to my avatar- which is where?
  11. upwarduk

    Return to top of page button?

    Please restore.
  12. upwarduk

    Cruise Critic Changing

    Using an iPad, I don’t see a drop down size menu.
  13. Using iPad When you reply, ‘Click to choose files,’ then scroll through your photo library and select your photo. Silhouette taken in Tallinn, 30.06.18.
  14. upwarduk

    Maximum of 1 image signature

    I have 2 Count down clocks for the same cruise. Only my Elite is showing for Celebrity, Platinum icon for Princess has gone. I am using ‘Bold’ to write this, the normal font is too feint for older eyes.