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  1. upwarduk

    Milk Alternatives

    You need to fill in a Special Needs form, So that it can be pre ordered. I am Dairy Intolerant and originally used to request Soya milk, but one day I saw Lactose Free, so I now request that, as it doesn’t curdle in coffee as Soya milk does.
  2. upwarduk

    Revolution (Renovations)

    “Celebrity will overhaul all the staterooms onboard Celebrity Summit, taking everything down to the steel and rebuilding with a new layout and design; rooms will also be outfitted with RFID locks, the line's high-speed Xcelerate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability. Additionally, Summit will see its Main Dining Room redesigned with a lighter, airier decor;”stateroom is being boldly rethought. From our inside and ocean view accommodations to our Premium Staterooms like Cod S®, we’re taking moder luxury in a bold new direction to our Premium Staterooms like Concierge Class and AquaClass®, we’re taking modern luxury in a bold new direction
  3. It’s about time tips were included in the price of the cruise as they are if booked in Australia. The wages would then be higher and so cultural differences to tipping would go away at a stroke.
  4. upwarduk

    LIVE BLOG! ECLIPSE 11/10 -12/09/18 Med and TA

    Still following, you are really lucky with the weather.
  5. upwarduk

    Would we Like the Smaller Ships

    If you really want smaller try Azamara. So much is included in the price, drinks, tips and transfers. The crew are wonderful and you stay longer in port.. The Millenium ships will all be due for a refurb to reflect ‘Edge.’ My last cruise on a Millenium ship was Infinity in 2013. There were parts of our cabin which needed renovation then, eg the sofa had a distinct lump in it and the awning on the balcony was broken..
  6. Please, please be careful of the undercurrents at the beach. One of the members of the Celebrity band was drowned when we were there in 2013.
  7. upwarduk

    Has anyone bought any Apple products onboard?

    I purchased an iPad 125 GB on Eclipse in July 2015 and my husband bought 64 GB iPad Pro on Silhouette in June 2018. if you live in the U.K. this represents a great saving on 20% VAT and also a further saving on the exchange rate, which was excellent in 2015, hence the bigger memory which I purchased. You do have to be aware that you are allowed £390 of goods to be brought back into the U.K. and if you exceed this then you will be charged the TOTAL VAT.
  8. upwarduk

    Prices for 2020 out of Southampton WOW!!!!

    When we were on Silhouette in the summer I decided that I will only book after final payment in the future : 1) Every ship will be Revolutionised, so someone has to pay for it. 2) Celebrity is becoming too ‘gimmicky’ eg Le Petit Chef 3) We were refused entry into St Petersburg, due to us being too big to turn in the channel in high winds. We therefore lost our 2 day stay in St Petersburg, which should have been the highlight of the cruise. We received no compensation, not even future cruise certificates, so I am afraid that this has left a bitter taste. If Celebrity had even given a small amount of OBC as goodwill, then I may have been looking at booking another cruise, but at the moment NO WAY, Celebrity, you have lost a loyal customer.
  9. upwarduk

    Elite breakfast

    All Celebrity menus have symbols in the MDR, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Vegetarian as you should know if you have reached Elite. I am Dairy Intolerant, so mention this to servers in all other food outlets, so I am sure you will be accommodated.
  10. upwarduk

    No replies to emails sent to LCV Ambassador

    see post 12 https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2578342-lcv-ambassador/
  11. upwarduk

    UK Travel requirements

    I am confused, do you mean your passport was issued in March 2009, as we have not reached March 2019 yet. I suppose the date that it expires in December may be critical, maybe just out of 6 month cut of by just a few days.
  12. upwarduk

    Split or Kotor

    I would decide by investigating whether Kotor is a tender port. Split was in 2010 and it took us 3 hours to get off the ship. We were told not to go for our tender tickets until ready to leave. I think most people in the know went to collect theirs before they had breakfast. I had a word with the CD and was told we should have booked a ships tour, as they are taken off first. Since then we have become Elite, so it is no longer so much of a problem.
  13. upwarduk

    Has anyone NOT done any specialty dining?

    We have never ever paid extra for Speciality Restaurants, my husband says that what we eat in the MDR is special enough! He objects to paying twice for anything. On a personal note, I am Dairy Intolerant. The waiters in the MDR get to know my needs. I also pre order, so life for me is easier in the MDR, where the menus have the symbols.
  14. Certainly beats having to sign for every drink.
  15. upwarduk

    Elite breakfast

    Sorry, should have said that my husband & I shared the Ultimate Platter and he had the cheese, as I am Dairy Intolerant.