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  1. It’s not before time, the state of those on deck 14 in the summer didn’t do anything for Celebrity’s image. BTW the end of cruise survey is now on line.
  2. upwarduk

    A question for US Captain's Club members

    We have different offers and T&C in UK . Typically, there were no included Classic Drinks packages offered on Trans Atlantic cruises. In 2013 there was one offered for our Infinity cruise by Celebrity UK, which caused a lot of ‘back biting’ on this board by the US passengers.
  3. upwarduk

    Bugs & glitches all fixed?

    E mail sent. Thanks.
  4. upwarduk

    Bugs & glitches all fixed?

    08.00 Friday 16th November Another glitch to report! I just quoted a post, except the quote didn’t appear, only the person’s name.
  5. upwarduk

    IT Problems All Over

    I just quoted a post, except the quote didn’t appear, only the person’s name. Another glitch to report!
  6. upwarduk

    Anyone get an extension on final payment date, ever?

    If you take the transfer of cruise route you may be charged a transfer fee of £75 p.p.
  7. upwarduk

    LIVE BLOG! ECLIPSE 11/10 -12/09/18 Med and TA

    Good luck with the tendering! We once waited 3 hours to get off Eclipse by tender in Split. We had been told not to go for a ticket until we were ready to get off. Those in the know had collected their tickets before breakfast. I’m glad that I am now Elite and should get priority tendering! P.S not sure why the ‘quote’ hasn’t quoted- another glitch.
  8. upwarduk

    Poor customer service from celebrity.

    Celebrity will advise you to make you make a claim via your Insurance. We were unable to get in St Petersburg due to high winds on July1/2nd 2018. At a question and answer session, the Captain advised using your insurance company , as Celebrity’s T&C state they do not compensate for bad weather. Unfortunately, our Travel Insurance did not cover missed ports.
  9. I wonder if cruises are arranged too far ahead
  10. There is NO connecting door in the room, it is in the corridor. The room doors ( light coloured)are pinned back into the room and the external doors ( darker) are then shut. They are normally open as in the picture.
  11. I’ve noticed in the last few days that I’m given ‘ log in,’ instruction, but within a few seconds it changes to ‘log out,’ which indicates that I am indeed logged in. In regards to being invited to the heli pad: We are Elite and we have been invited twice. 1) in 2015 for the sail away from Stockholm, on Eclipse which was stunning. 2) in 2018 for sail away from Copenhagen on Silhouette. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the invite soon enough for Copenhagen, as it was left on our phone as a message and we were on an excursion. We hadn’t returned to our cabin, as we had chosen to remain at the tables at the rear of the ship as we had a good view from there.
  12. I imagine there will be many unhappy beverage package passengers. Will they be partially refunded for the days in New York?
  13. I watched it and wanted to duck my head as you approached the bridge!! I was amazed that you cleared the bridge easily. Also excellent camera work, did you use a tripod?
  14. upwarduk

    LIVE BLOG! ECLIPSE 11/10 -12/09/18 Med and TA

    Is the food at the Elite breakfast plated or buffet style. Its always been buffet when we’ve been on Eclipse, but it was plated on Silhouette in the summer. i choose the Ultimate platter, as it had variety. The picture shows half, as my husband and I shared. Mine was minus the cheese, as I am Dairy Intolerant. They also did a fruit platter.