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  1. Is 13 April sailing a TA? No Amazing evening on TA’s.
  2. upwarduk

    Booking 2 Cruises wth overlapping itineraries

    Are you sure the deposit is only $20, or whether it’s to ‘lure you in.’ At the moment, there is a TA in the U.K. who is advertising deposits of £1. However what it doesn’t tell you in the advert, is that they will take the remainder of the deposit (£350 p.p) in 8 weeks time from the credit card you booked with.
  3. upwarduk

    Booking 2 Cruises wth overlapping itineraries

    If you live in UK you would certainly loose your deposit on the one you cancelled. i also believe this is starting to be the case in the USA, with non refundable deposits, so be careful how you book.
  4. upwarduk

    They select vs I select stateroom

    You will have to decide if you would be effected by movement if your cabin is in the bow. As I understand it, you cannot change your cabin if you live in the UK, due to T& C.
  5. Far, far nicer than a Ho Ho bus!
  6. upwarduk

    Huge price difference on cabins

    If you have health problems make sure you buy Insurance at the time of booking.
  7. upwarduk

    For those who know Russ

    Russ made a point of welcoming us to Azamara. Unfortunately both he & Capt Jose have now left Quest, but Russ helped to make wonderful memories for us..
  8. WE have had buffet service on Eclipse (2013 & 2015) but platter service on Silhouette in 2018. We choose the Ultimate platter, which my husband and I shared. The picture shows mine, less the cheese as I am Dairy Intolerant.
  9. upwarduk

    Live(ish) Millie HK to Singapore

    Those white chairs look out of place, better for outdoors.
  10. upwarduk

    Live(ish) Millie HK to Singapore

    I hope you don’t need your new suit for your cruise!!
  11. upwarduk

    On Millennium. A few thoughts

    Wary about doing that as I wonder how the safe electronics will effect my iPad. The number of times that my room key has had to be reset as my phone wiped the information!!😥
  12. Wondering why you had to show your passports to enter the Botanic gardens as you had already gone through Customs and Security when you disembarked. Did this include showing your Cuban Visa? Still loving all your pictures, but especially the Botanic gardens.
  13. upwarduk

    Changes to Prices of Shore Excursions

    There has been an offer recently, but it finished on 11th Feb. Our excursions were 22% cheaper.
  14. upwarduk

    Any Time Dining.

    Thank you Bob.
  15. We are booked on Any Time Dining on Explorer of the Seas. I usually go to the dining room on the afternoon of embarkation ( on Celebrity) to see the the Maitre D to pre order my evening meal, as I am Dairy Intolerant. I have already informed the Special Needs dept. My question is, which dining room is used for Any Time dining and can I pre book a time, as can be done on Celebrity.