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  1. I certainly will be and truly hope you bring Silhouette to Southampton. We are booked for the Mediterranean on her 30/07/22.
  2. Same here. My husband didn’t want to fly, mainly because we wonder what testing procedures would be for both flying and cruising. We eventually choose almost the same itinerary that we cancelled for the Mediterranean that we should have taken in August 2020. I’m sure if we had Lifted and Shifted, it would have been much cheaper. I think many passengers must have done that, as there was little cabin choice( unless they will still be sailing at reduced capacity).
  3. Let’s hope that quality has improved. I have 3 grandchildren who completed their University life on line in the last 18 months. One had a refresher course of Clinical skills last week, before she goes into hospital work.
  4. The digital key for the room didn’t always function. Although my iPhone 11 turned the light Green, it failed to open the door. My DH had more luck with his Hawari phone. The Dietary symbols were absent from menus when using the phone, but as I was brought a paper menu each evening before leaving the MDR, so I could order for the following night, the problem was solved ( I am Dairy Intolerant). I did fill in a mid cruise survey to pass on this information. Also, we had the time of one excursion changed x2, but the original times were shown on the App.
  5. Watched 6-7 pm BST. Once again the quality of the webinar is not good. Constant movement at the bottom of the screen.
  6. If you book certain cruises before the end of September.
  7. As far as I know, no sail away gathering on Silhouette 06/08/21, but we were an hour late leaving Southampton, so we were already at dinner. No connection gathering either.
  8. I would suggest that your wife fills in the mid cruise survey. We were on Silhouette recently and were asked to fill in a survey mid cruise. I did, as our pre booked excursion time was changed x2, but the app still showed the original time. We were also encouraged to use the app to order our food. BUT the app doesn’t show the dietary symbols and as I am Dairy Intolerant, I need them. I filled in the mid cruise survey, pointing out that the app needed fixing. A bottle of wine appeared in our cabin on the last day.
  9. Things change daily. On 04/08/21 we were told we had to do ship’.s excursions, from Silhouette. 07/08/21 the Captain told us we could get off the ship independently.
  10. 🙏for all your Silhouette sailings to go ahead as planned. We have 30/07/22 booked. Almost a mirror image of our cancelled 01/08/2.0.
  11. We are 79 and 77. The only health stipulation that was in place for UK Staycations on Silhouette was that we were double vaccinated ( asked at booking) and a negative PCR test. Proof of both had to be shown at embarkation.
  12. For Free? Had you booked a guarantee Ocean View? Never ever been upgraded. I thought they wern’t doing upgrades, now that they have ‘Move Up.’
  13. I thought there was a problem yesterday when I was booking some excursions for our next cruise. I couldn’t find a place to pay with my credit card( usually I have to put the long number in etc) Then low & behold, I had an email to confirm my booking. I wondered if I had been gifted free excursions!😱 I then looked closely at the confirmation and noticed that they had used the details from my credit card which I used for our last staycation. Not sure that I like the fact that they have my credit card on file.🙈
  14. The only conditions at booking, our recent Staycation on Silhouette, was double vaccinated and resident in UK🇬🇧. Our ages were on file, but no mention was made.
  15. Beyond sails from Southampton next April to Europe, and Captain Kate has said she can’t take Bug to Europe. So, she can’t be the first Captain.
  16. Someone on our Roll Call for 30/07/22 cruise to the zMediterranean, from Southampton, is from Australia. They are doing B2B2B, so they will be 🙏that the borders are open.
  17. It was a struggle to get a 2B cabin. Our favoured is either 2A or 1A, as I prefer midships. Looking at the Roll Call, there are passengers who have Lifted & Shifted x2. Hopefully, it will be 3rd time lucky for this sailing, as it’s the only Mediterranean cruise next year from Southampton.
  18. Thank you Jim for the wonderful photos of Curaçao. Sadly, the Eclipse wasn’t allowed to enter, the harbour, on Easter Monday 2013, due to high winds.
  19. Just booked a 14 night Mediterranean for 30/07/22. I actually featured as a double points offer. Just hope it goes, as it is a similar itinerary to our cancelled 01/08/20.
  20. I read this morning, that Lincolnshire are only giving Pfizer as 3 rd doses. A case of watch this space I think.
  21. Masks in all indoor public venues on Silhouette staycations.
  22. Can’t comment, as I’ve not been invited for my booster yet. But surely, if the booster is Moderna, it’s the same type of vaccine as Pfizer, so wouldn’t be considered as mixed?
  23. Contact via Social Media. Very quick replies in UK.
  24. Hcat, Thanks for the picture of the Natural Bridge. I did read that it is no longer a feature.🙈 A different Aruba from when our son worked there, the Oil refinery has also gone. I believe that is now centred on Curaçao. But, the colours in Jim’s photos make me wish that we could visit again. Many thanks.
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