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  1. I can somewhat see where the OP is coming from, but I think the experience is more a function of ship size (passenger capacity), cruise date, and (to a lesser extent) itinerary - and not necessarily indicative of NCL engaging in class-separation of passengers. Travel on the larger ships when college-age and 20-something passengers are more likely to book, and the cruise will have more of a party atmosphere - especially 3- or 4-night cruises (the dreaded "booze" cruises). We homeschool our girls, so we have the flexibility to travel/vacation outside of the peak times. My preference is smaller ships in off-peak, on longer sailings. The passengers on those cruises tend to be more our speed. I've not been in the Haven, but we have been bid-upgraded to a suite (on the Dawn). I loved the suite experience enough that we booked it again on a future cruise - on the Jade (Jewel class). I don't think, for us right now, the Haven offers the same value for cost. In either case, I don't say that to speak poorly of those who are looking for different cruise experiences, be that a party experience or an exclusive experience. More power to everyone, to have the experience they want. It's their time and their money.
  2. I'm guessing it's an homage - of sorts - to Joan Miro, and Catalan modernisme in general? That hull art would be right at home at Parc Guell. I like it, but then, I'm biased. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities.
  3. I'm sure it's partly a function of being a smaller ship, but we found the crew, activities, and entertainers to be much more welcoming and intimate. Other than the tableside guac, we thought Los Lobos was just okay. I loved Moderno. We were in a suite on the Dawn, so I'm sure that biases my experience overall; that said, I loved it. The fresh-pressed coffee with the suite breakfast is something that I'll miss on every other non-suite cruise. We loved the trivia; as another poster said, we had quite the group that engaged in all of the trivia, and everyone had a lot of fun with it. Same thing with the karaoke. Again, I think these are partly a function of ship size, but they contributed to a wonderful cruise experience. Neither of my girls made use of the children's activities; our vacations tend to be family time, and I'll take advantage of that for as long as they still want to spend time with me! That said, neither was ever at a loss for activities or things to do. Only one soft-serve ice cream station in the buffet was a minor inconvenience for them at times. I would sail the Dawn again in a heartbeat. We first sailed NCL on the Getaway, and I much, much prefer the Dawn. We have upcoming cruises on the Pearl and the Jade (and later, on the Encore), so I'll be interested to compare experiences.
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