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  1. This is interesting! Anyone havecomments from excursions from the past year?
  2. Thanks for the tour suggestion and the Parliament link!! We are headed in mid September and are deciding whether to do Schonbrunn. We have been to Versailles and the summer palace in St. Petersburg, so are thinking we might rather spend the time wandering Vienna in the afternoon, and maybe a concert in the evening(an excursion from Avalon). Enjoy your trip!
  3. Thanks for that info. We will also book our tickets for the afternoon. The Market is on our list! We go to th West Side Market almost every week, so we wouldn't miss the one in Budapest!! Are you doing any tours besides what Avalon offers and Parliament?
  4. This is SO helpful for my planning. Thank you!!
  5. Can anyone tell me where the included excursion in Budapest goes? I am trying to plan my extra day without repeating. Also, any info on the Vienna and Prague tours that they include would be helpful. I tried calling but they don't have that info. Thanks!!
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