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  1. Have been trying to find out the answer. If Royal cancels your cruise (which they have) and you ask for a refund do you get your deposit back?
  2. I am not over 70 but my husband is. He is in good health but I know our primary Dr. wlll not sign this type of letter. Nor do I think any Dr. would. I have worked in the health field for years and realize this virus is no laughing mater. I believe this required letter can opens a lot of legal issues. Our Carnival cruise is not till Oct. Hoping this clears up and no required letter. If the letter is required I suppose this might be the end of our 40 plus cruises. Please remember to wash your hands, cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing ( not with your hands). Please stay
  3. As far as the over 70 letter this is crazy. I realize this is not just Carnival. We have a cruise on another line in May, And one booked on Carnival in Oct. That's if they are still sailing. I am not 70 but husband is. He is in good health but I can bet our primary will not sign if for many reasons. So that means the end of our 40 plus cruises?. This is down right unfair. What next will hotels, trains, planes stop allowing 70 plus to enter. There are people younger then 70 that have worst health issues I would think is might open lots of legal issues. That said I realize this virus is no lau
  4. ETski

    Mambo Beach

    Do they have shade or rent umbrellas? How much for a umbrella?
  5. Printed boarding pass. My pass says Diamond Choice. What does Choice Mean.
  6. Just wondering if you have a early Tundra tour are the restaurants open early to have breakfast before you leave on your tour?
  7. Just printed my doc's and boarding pass. Generally on other lines their is a bar code on the pass. On our Holland America boarding pass it just say Boarding pass and our name, state room etc. Is this correct or did I not print everything? Its been 30 yrs since I cruised Holland.LOL
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