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  1. Just wondering if you have a early Tundra tour are the restaurants open early to have breakfast before you leave on your tour?
  2. Just printed my doc's and boarding pass. Generally on other lines their is a bar code on the pass. On our Holland America boarding pass it just say Boarding pass and our name, state room etc. Is this correct or did I not print everything? Its been 30 yrs since I cruised Holland.LOL
  3. Went on the updated Royal site. I and can't find where you picked which free soda, water, juice etc. you can pick when reaching upper levels. We have always been able to select prior to the cruise. Anyone know where the selection is?
  4. Does anyone know where the regular stops/pickups are at the port?
  5. My problem just started yesterday. I had just received a call from NCL telling me my shareholder benefits were being added to my account. I spoke with NCL support after clearing my cookies. They tried doing another thing and still not fixed. They asked permission to use my username and password on their computer and they got the same error. This leads me to believe it is at their end!!!!! Just hoping they don't lose any shore excursion and dinner ressies which I have booked.
  6. Have explorer called NCL tech support they are trying to fix the problem. They are getting the same error on my account too.
  7. Have been trying to access my vacation summary. Keep getting a system error. Any one else having this problem?
  8. Does GOS have a fridge in their inside cabins. If not what do people use for getting insulin cold?
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