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  1. My boys (currently 9 and 6) are the same as the previous commenters. They went on their third cruise in August. They have all been 7-8 nights and they have loved all of them. We are in the planning stage for booking another cruise. Personally, I think 3 days would be too short. I would feel like we are getting off just after getting on. I would rather have more time.
  2. I know. I have asked and asked (website and phone calls) to receive emails from them, but I still don't. My in-laws, that are also on this cruise, received the email. I was hoping that if the request to remain connecting could be done, that I could piggyback off of their email since we are a group with three rooms. I'm not sure how to resolve the email issue so that I can personally receive the emails when we are not booked with relatives.
  3. That's what I was afraid of. Thank you for the quick reply.
  4. I don't want to assume anything. We have connecting rooms for my husband and I along with our two kids on our upcoming cruise. If we were to bid in the royal up process, is there any way to request that the upgrades remain as connecting rooms (we would bid for four people total, so two cabins upgraded)? Or, is it a roll of the dice with the chance of separated rooms and/or one upgraded but not the other?
  5. That is great news! Our first cruise was on Legend of the Seas out of Brisbane in 2016. What an amazing city! There will be no hesitation to fly back for a visit, and possibly a cruise, if a chance ($$$) comes up.
  6. I agree that there are some good and bad on the list. We did not bring the plates, but we did bring sippy cups. Along with the dish soap someone else mentioned and a bottle brush. Cups were cleaned in our bathroom. We take hooks, but not to make a room barrier. We hang lanyards, hats, etc there to help organize. We definitely take meds and band aids. We take the hanging shoe organizer. We use the spots for crayons, some bathroom items due to bathroom storage (toothpaste, hairbrush, etc), charger cords, etc. It helps to keep things off the flat surfaces in the room and more organized. Kids items lower down, adult items higher up. I usually hang it over a closet door. Tablets are a must, with downloaded movies ahead of time. A few favorite, small toys.
  7. Yes, this. When I price out the specific carnival ship, route, and date I want and compare it to a Royal ship, route, and date I want, I have always come out better with Royal. Maybe others are finding different sales and prices than me or I am looking at odd times. Anyway, we have had amazing experiences with our kids. They are 5 & 9 and taking their third cruise in August. My older child loves the kids club, my younger would prefer to stay with us. They enjoy the water slides, kids splash area, pools, mini golf, etc. We have never run out of options to keep them entertained.
  8. Grand Cayman (with our 3 and 7 yr old boys) we did the dolphin and string ray experience. Our 3 yr old was a little nervous about being so close to the dolphin, but he settled and eventually worked up the nerve to touch one. Our 7 year old loved this. Unfortunately, our boat to the string ray area malfunctioned and we never made it there. We were refunded some of the money. However, just even the experience of being out on the smaller ship was fun for them. Costa Maya- I can't say enough about Maya Chan if you are able to go. It has remained one of our favorite stops. We are planning another cruise that will include this port next year and we can't wait to go back to this place. The food was scrumptious. We were given our own cabana with chairs and a hammock. They had beach toys at our assigned cabana, ready for our kids. We took the boys out on the kayaks, which were included in the price. The drinks were great and never ending. The staff was amazing and attentive. Look up their reviews and you will see that people are raving about them. One thing to note though- they tell you up front that this is not a pristine "Disney" beach. They sometimes get sea grass, but they have an employee that will always work to get it out of the way. This isn't a "luxury" location, but it is one of the most relaxing and friendly locations I have ever been to.
  9. It is pre-loaded to the card. There should be some paperwork when you arrive in your cabin that explains how to activate the pre-loaded amount. The prices of the games are what they are, but it is nice to get the extra amount for less money by purchasing ahead of time.
  10. You can. Just be aware, it can take a few days for the return of the initial amount to be processed back to your card. You can also do this with the drink packages, etc.
  11. I have an Android as well and I have two apps. Royal, which worked for Adventure, and Royal IQ, which will work for Ovation. Go back to the play store and look for Royal IQ. It will download, but you can't access ship features and reservations until you are on the ship.
  12. They have two apps, so just make sure you have the correct one.
  13. Thank you Biker 19. I received an answer on another platform from someone that stayed in 7137 and confirmed it was a connecting room. Apparently RC needs to update some of their deck plan images. No real big surprise there.
  14. When I booked our rooms, 7135 and 7137, they showed as connecting rooms. The current deck plans today do not show them as connecting. Can anyone advise if there is a connecting door between them? We want to have our 5 & 9 year old boys in one room with us in the other, but need it connected.
  15. Thanks everyone. We were thinking of this room for the benefits, which we would buy and use if not included, and hopefully a balcony that we could watch the dive show from. We will get with an agent or maybe just go for the ocean balcony and buy the items ourselves.
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