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  1. I had this happen a last week when I booked a June 2022 cruise on the Pride. You might consider waiting a few days... A few days ago, it was only showing obstructed view balcony rooms. I waited a few days and more "normal" balcony rooms opened up.
  2. We've done three trips since the beginning of Covid 1 - Rented a cottage in Seaside FL and were beach bums for a week. 2 - Week of hiking in Aspen CO 3 - Long weekend in Cancun at an all-inclusive. By this time, we had all been through COVID so this was more doable for us than it may be for others. All were wonderful in their own way. The first two were terrific vacations in which we did not have to interact with other people if we did not choose to. On the horizon - Disney World in the fall. Maybe Turks and Caicos.
  3. I am also glad they let us know this far out. A few months ago American Airlines dropped their fares to about $650/pp from our area. I wanted to pull the trigger so bad. Even though we could get a credit for airfare, I couldn't stand the thought of even MORE $$$ being tied up in the travel industry "to be used at a later date" when/if the cruise cancelled. So glad I showed some restraint - it's unlike me 😀
  4. Well I tried the Norway cruise in 2019 and it didn't happen. We are currently booked for the same Norway cruise in June 2020. If that doesn't happen, it's nice to know we can try for a THIRD time in June 2021.
  5. I think we are right after you to Norway...I'm hoping but not hopeful enough to book flights yet.
  6. I wasn't aware you are not supposed to be able use it for gratuities. I never pre-pay my gratuities and that come out of my OBC once I am on the ship. Then I can just pay for excursions and drink packages at the pre-cruise discounted rate. I might have to re-think my strategy.
  7. Agree - we are taking a cruise to Norway in 2021. Most of the excursions are around $200/person and there are four of us. That adds $800 per port which we were not expecting. And many of the excursions are things you can easily do on your own without being herded onto a bus and led around like kindergarteners. I'm not saying we NEVER take excutions, but I always look to see if it can be done on our own, where we can go on our own timetable and under our own power.
  8. If you go into "print cruise documents", it will show there. Mine was on the second page underneath the box that said "itemized charges". I even got an extra $50, but I'm not sure how.
  9. Great question - Just speculating. Do the ships have to pay some sort of "rent" when they are taking up dock space? As to why they seem to anchor near a dock, then move...No idea? I wonder if the Coast Guard requires them to move every so often?
  10. At this point, I think I am hoping for a cancellation of my Norway cruise. I don't really feel like getting on an airplane right now and arriving in London which is a hotbed of activity. I'd rather re-group and go next year when this virus (hopefully) calms down.
  11. I only remember two CDs and it was because of their accents.... We had an Australian CD who began her morning announcements wit "Good Morning Lovelies". I overhead somebody comment that she needs to change it up one morning and say, "Wake up B!tch3s". For the rest of the cruise I giggled every time she began morning announcements.. The other one was a CD from Liverpool England. I just remember her because I spent time trying to figure out the accent. I would love to be on a cruise where the CD made it a standout experience.
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