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  1. We're booked on a Transatlantic in Jan and in March, already told my wife this won't be happening! None of these countries are gonna let us port cause they're likely gonna be in trouble with their own people this winter! They're not gonna want to see a ship of 3000+ showing up! Then what do we do if we get off, and can't get back on for the trip back because of isolation? Comes a point where you just walk away from the mess, let the dust settle, and see what's left when this is all over! I just don't see any possibility of cruising returning to normal before the fall of 2021, the earliest! The summer heat didn't slow down the virus, likely it'll take a vaccine, and proven treatment!
  2. I would think MSC is in the best position as they are a private company that owns a big shipping company that's still doing well! Agree on the other in a world of hurt!
  3. But it isn't just them,,, This isn't like a financial decision, where if you mess up, its you only who suffers! With a virus like this, your decision can affect others, even cost them their lives! Do we then make you responsible? Its great to be,,, I'll do what I want,,,,, as long as you don't negatively affect others! Seems like too many want that freedom without the responsibility that comes with their affecting other negatively!
  4. Lots of luck to them, with the recent surge in infections here in Florida, the joke going around is, renaming the state to 'VIRUSLAND'! 😷=picture on our flag Come here for a vacation and leave with a 'friend' to take home!😉
  5. We're on transatlantic's in Jan, and March, already told my wife, we got little to no chance of that happening! Its just too much for the world to get everyone to agree right now with testing, distancing, wearing masks, what to do with people testing positive on the ship, excursions, port entries allowed, etc..!
  6. Agree with much of what you said, driving around yesterday in the Tampa Bay area, everything seemed back to normal, everything open, no one distancing, and few wearing masks! This is why or infections have skyrocketed higher then at any time! Are they doing more testing, yea but not at the amount the infections are going up! And besides, more testing could have shown less new infections! But it didn't, it revealed a lot more new infections!
  7. Exactly, and lawsuits would follow, and all cruising would shut down again! My 2 cents, not worth more,,,🙂 We're in a virus pandemic, testing is at best 70% accurate, there is no safe treatment beyond hoping your body will overcome the virus, and there is no vaccine! Temp checks are a joke! Whether you think the virus is no big deal doesn't matter, cause the financial/business end is what's making decisions here, and the cruise industry can't afford another debacle like this winter/spring was! Carnival is fighting off lawsuits now for this! We love cruising, but just don't see any way it will return this year, maybe until the summer of 2021! Whenever, we hope to see all healthy and cruising again someday! Some have mentioned airlines, I agree they get treated better likely because many use airlines for business, not just vacation like cruisers!
  8. As far as status, don't think so, a few board members will be fired, but life will go on!
  9. And those mentioning bankruptcies, if Carnival ever went bankrupt, it would be a chapter 11 reorganization, where they'd survive, and come back with the same name, not much would change! Not all debt is paid off in bankruptcy!
  10. The article I read stated Carnival took it all out in cash, and I would imagine they are paying on it since they took it out!
  11. I also read that! Not surprised since Florida was tough on NY/NJ flying in this spring, and set up road blocks on rt 10 stopping cars with La license plates!
  12. Imagine what would happen to cruising if there was another outbreak like what we saw in the spring, cruising might not return for years!
  13. Florida was averaging about 700 a day before June 1 reopening! We had 17 straight days over 1000 new infections, the last 2 days were 3144, and 4049! I'm not getting into the arguments of why, more testing, reopening, or protesters, just stating the numbers are going up far higher then we've ever had! So it's doubtful ports in Florida are going to open up, and welcome out of state passengers any time soon! As far as those mentioning bars in Florida, been seeing news where bars are shutting themselves down because of outbreaks of virus with customers and/or staff! And those mentioning bankruptcies, if Carnival ever went bankrupt, it would be a chapter 11 reorganization, where they'd survive, and come back with the same name, not much would change! Bankruptcy isn't likely for some time as Carnival has approx. 9 billion dollars from loans, secured notes etc. as reported on May 1!
  14. We live in the Tampa Bay area, and like most of Florida, the #'s of infections are going up since reopening! The politicians have all kinds of excuses, not worth going into that! The fact is way too many here in Florida don't distance, or wear masks! And now with just about everything reopened, its only gonna get worse! Because of this, we are isolating, doing well, healthy,, and if forced to go out, drs. appts, etc., we wear a mask and distance! It sucks for all of us not to go back to normal cruising, but it'll happen likely next year, so stay patient! Hoping all stay safe, and healthy!
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