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  1. All good? Not for us,,,,,there really is no all great! We hated the vibration in the rear of the ship, felt it in our deck 5 OV and in the rear dining area! We also didn't like that there was only 1 dining room! We did like the set up of the buffet. This class is our least favorite of the Carnival ships! We'd chose a 5 day Paradise over a 7 day Miracle out of Tampa, and have several times!
  2. For us its the Vista class #1, followed by the Dream Class as #2!
  3. We made Platinum on Carnival in 11 months! During that 11 months, we did 4 straight weeks cruising on 2 ships, twice!
  4. Before the renovation we don't remember there being a shower there, but they had 2 jacuzzis. We haven't been on the Paradise since its renovation. The door to the 'AC' buffet area is right there so you can cool down. Debarkation is a mixed bag, can be really quick, or really long depending on Port security that day who don't work for Carnival! Suggest you carry off your own luggage if you want to be near the front of the line! Self assist is called before those lower then Platinum who checked in their luggage the night before!
  5. No Galveston, too far away for us, we got 2 Ultras on the Conquest out of Miami in Oct. scheduled! The $500. off seems like a put on, I've checked some other cruise sites, and they gave out a price that just about matched Carnivals, the only thing different was the Casino Credit you got with Carnival.
  6. Don't know how important that $500. casino credit is for you, but $1000. for a 4 day inside sounds expensive!
  7. I heard that too, but I don't trust them! I always notify online, and make a phone call to security! They always say thanks, and haven't shut me down once since doing it this way!
  8. Sounds like a great idea, the sooner the better! Disney and now RCL have added docks, so lets get it started Carnival!
  9. Its the problem of anyone who smokes outside the areas that allow smoking!
  10. Since not only is it bothering you, but its against the rules, yes you call guest services, ask for the person's name you're talking to so they know you're serious, and gotta think within minutes it'll end!-))
  11. Checked luggage will get there, when it gets there, but you can access your cabin with all the luggage you carry on the ship when you board, so for some that's all of what they bring on board!
  12. Most of the major CC now accept travel plans ahead of your trip, just call their security dept. and tell them where you'll be, and when!
  13. or use a different CC in port! And if you use a CC anywhere out of your ordinary area, like a trip out of state, notify your CC security dept. of your travels before you go! Set up your mobile phone with security alerts also, which you can verify immediately a charge!
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