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  1. Same here, we sent our Carnival offers into urcomp, and the offers seem pretty good, likewise we've been comfortable with Carnival, the cruisers, the food, my time dining, our benes, etc., but the prices from the casino club are just too high. We cruised MSC a few years back when the Divina first came to Miami, we liked it, but they don't have my time dining, and I'm done being told when to eat!-)) Ship, cabin, food, service, everything was good. At the end of this year, MSC is supposed to open up their private island off the coast of Miami, might try them then!
  2. Gonna agree, Carnival must be real popular right now cause their prices are high! Comparing offers this year to last year, this year is 'about' $250. pp higher!
  3. Only difference in our offer was $500 fun play, and 2 tourn. seats, but didn't see the $500. off when compared to reg. prices!
  4. Asking a question, I gave a reply, maybe Carnival is listening!
  5. With current pricing of the Casino Club being so high, it could be years before we cruise Carnival again! Better deals on the other lines for casino players! We had over 100 days cruising Carnival in the last year before the price increases! They got greedy, we walk away!
  6. Again if you read the RCL site the exception is only for health and religious reasons so don't get caught drinking on ship if you get the exception!
  7. Will take your word on flexibility with RCL, what I quoted was from RCL's site. We haven't bought the drink pkge. on RCL or Carnival in awhile. The free casino drinks we get from both, and the free drinks as Diamond on RCL is enough as we get older! Not big drinkers anymore!-))
  8. You'll also notice the RCL prices their drink pkges different prices on different ships! Why,,,don't know!
  9. My point originally and afterwards is the 'posted price' is lower at Carnival. I'm sure both lines have sales, and the final price could be lower at either, at any time, including when you buy, pre-cruise, or during the cruise. As far as I know, RCL requires both to purchase as of 2018! There is an exemption you can get pre-cruise on RCL if you have someone in your cabin who can't drink any alcohol because of religious or health reasons! I'm not sure what RCL wants in proof, but they say it must be arranged pre-cruise. One area the Carnival pkge is better for big drinkers is there is no 15 drink cap per day on RCL that Carnival has!
  10. Carnival's drink pkge was less then RCL's the last time we cruised in Nov. '18! Carnival=$52, RCL $55, pp/per day pre cruise price!
  11. Since we go on all the cruise lines, like some things on one, other things on others, our opinion is MSC is equal to Celebrity, except one area,,,, Europeans cruise a lot on MSC in the med., so many chose it in the Caribbean because of their existing loyalty clubs, so on MSC, you are cruising with more foreigners then Celebrity!
  12. Why have someone else tell you when to dine? Be an adult(joking), go with 'my time', 'any time', whatever they call it, and EAT WHEN YOU WANT!!!-))
  13. might be,,,,,RCL is limited to drinks that do not exceed $12., Carnival is limited to drinks that do not exceed $50! That's what I remember, and what Cruise Critic states !RCL's pkge limits you to the lowest cost liquor, and some have specific tastes!
  14. (free)Dog House in our opinion was worse then (pay)JR, and (pay)JR was worse then (free)Guy's!-) All are unhealthy!-))
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