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  1. DoubleMaidMarion

    Noordam D1L Land & Sea Journey Live-ish Info

    You should plan to bring your own umbrella....a trip to Alaska without rain would be a miracle! The NOAA website I find has the most reliable weather reports.
  2. DoubleMaidMarion

    Noordam D1L Land & Sea Journey Live-ish Info

    Question about boarding in Seward...my husband wants to do a halibut fishing trip that will put him on the ship by 7 pm. I know we are scheduled to leave at 8 pm. Did you hear anything about a deadline to be onboard?
  3. DoubleMaidMarion

    Noordam Northbound to Alaska + Denali Almost Live

    What's the best side to sit on for the dome train? We'll be there the week of July 3 as we are doing the land tour first.
  4. DoubleMaidMarion

    Noordam D1L Land & Sea Journey Live-ish Info

    You are a lifesaver! We are headed on this exact same trip July 3-16. I'm most interested in your comment from Tuesday/Wednesday where you talk about dividing your luggage into 'see you on the ship' and 'see you tonight'. Just so I understand, you packed for 3 days in Denali, a night in Anchorage and a night in Seward in your 'see you tonight' bag. Any chance you took a picture of the instructions from HAL on packing? I'm going to do this before we leave...thanks again for the heads up!
  5. DoubleMaidMarion

    HAL Noordam Alaska Poker Tournaments

    Thank you so much! If you don't mind my asking what days were your Gala nights?
  6. We will be sailing on the Noordam the week of July 9th. My husband loves to play poker and all HAL will tell me is that they have it in the casino. Does anyone know what time tournaments kick off? I believe they will only be open on our sea days if you could confirm this as well I'd appreciate it!