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  1. We're living in very odd times right now. Hopefully the cruise-excursions only rule won't last past the first few months of cruising, but there's really no way to know for sure at present.
  2. Look, if kids aren't allowed to do the exact same things that adults can do all the time everywhere, then what even is the point of cruising?
  3. But where am I going to be able to get my five year old to learn to play Blackjack!?
  4. And was it the same price onboard as it was pre-cruise?
  5. Yes, hoping a company goes out of business and people lose their jobs because they made a decision that you don't like... Very mature. Well done.
  6. Oh, it's not FCC, it's OBC ($150 in OBC from a booking bonus, and $100 from the Shareholders bonus). I don't think I can use it UNTIL I'm on the ship. Was I misinformed?
  7. Is the cost to upgrade the same onboard as it is doing so in advance? I'm going to have about $250 of nonrefundable credit on my next cruise, and getting the Premium Plus sounds like it could be a good way to use that.
  8. I'd imagine that most of the cruisers on a cruise to Cuba (at least for the time being) would be Canadian or European, given the difficulty of USians getting into Cuba without trouble when they return. Probably similar to the visitors of Cuban resorts - lots of Canadians, Germans, and some Brits.
  9. If they're cruising out of a non-US port, and not visiting the US, there's no good reason they couldn't visit Cuba even if the US gov't continues it's anti-Cuban antagonism.
  10. It's *possible* to do an itinerary change, but not very realistic. They'd either have to sail to St Pierre et Miquelon (which is tiny and doesn't have much tourism infrastructure) or redirect the cruise south to Barbados and/or the Caribbean (which would entirely change your cruise)
  11. It will depend. They're going to buy the cheapest fare available. Depending on the airline that may or may not include luggage.
  12. Punta Cana already sees a lot of tourist traffic - it's a resort hub. I can't speak to the US, but there are direct flights from Toronto, Montreal, and other Canadian cities, at least.
  13. Woooah boy. I suspect you're going to have some bad news when you hear what the other cruise lines that are going full-vax are going to do.
  14. But then I'll have a mask between me and that fresh beautiful hallway air!
  15. Closing entire decks doesn't really help though, as then you still have the same traffic as usual on the decks which are open. By closing off parts of each deck, you're reducing the number of people who are going to pass in close proximity.
  16. Oh yeah, absolutely bumping if they're over new capacity is going to be a nightmare. I was wondering more so if they're already under the new reduced capacity (say the cruise is only currently 40% sold, and they're looking at 50% capacity). Would seem less than ideal to 'bump' people when the cruise isn't even full.
  17. I wonder what that would mean for people booked into inside cabins already. Would they just get kicked, or upgraded? Especially with inside guarantees (where they've signed up for 'an inside OR BETTER') it would be interesting to see.
  18. It's a bit of a no-win for them though, honestly. If they take sailings off sale before notifying those already booked, then they're having people find out by accident. If they notify people about cancellations before taking them off sale, then they're still selling canceled cruises. =( I hope we get cruises confirmed before too long. *sigh*
  19. That's absolutely fantastic to know. Did they bring glasses with the bottle as well? I must say, the 'what counts as room service' question continues to mystify me, if that doesn't count. lol 😃 Were they able to recork the champagne as well (if you'd ever requested that)?
  20. I loved the Pearl. Great size, beautiful public art (There's a Chihuly in the lobby!), and the forward viewing lounge is just about perfect. I've always just drank the tap water, which is fine. Have fun!
  21. When you say 'sent back to your stateroom' do you mean actually that, or did you have to take it there yourself? Do they do the room service charge to deliver the bottles to your room?
  22. You posted about 'using the credit'. You use your credit when you book a cruise.
  23. It says to 'original form of payment'. So if you paid for that cruise that you're canceling with FCC, then you'd receive FCC. If you paid by cash, you'd get cash.
  24. You can use that credit today if you wanted. Go to NCL.com book a cruise, and use the credit. There's no issue in being able to use that credit in the near future. They've even extended the use by and sail by dates of the credit to make it easier to use.
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