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  1. No, it's the right link, but they're probably rolling the change out across their entire server farm slowly. I'm sure I'm just hitting a different server than you are and eventually they'll update the one I'm using as well. Nothing we can do to stop them. That old page will continue to work for some people for some period of time, but eventually it's going away completely. I've bookmarked a couple of travel agency websites that allow for searching by ports en route, and provide pricing for each category in the search results. Those are the things I need to make a search engine useful for me, so luckily I don't need to use the princess site at all any more.
  2. This link is still working for me: https://www.princess.com/find/search.do (in the U.S.)
  3. We booked an IF at the last minute on the Ruby back in May and got our cabin assignment and upgrade to category IB on the Monday or Tuesday before our Sunday departure. An inside is an inside, an IB is the same size as an IF, they're just in nicer locations. We ended up on Caribe deck with neighbors on only one side. It was a partially accessible cabin though, so we had the folded stool in the shower which took up some space and caused a couple of bruises as I kept forgetting it was there. Ruby is a nice ship, we really enjoyed it.
  4. Yes, once you've been migrated to the new search, you won't ever be able to click on "Plan a Cruise" and get to the old search screen. Each time you click that link it will start a new search using the new screen. If you want to do multiple searches with the old screen, you have to remember to use your browser's back button or use your bookmark to the old search instead of clicking on Plan a Cruise.
  5. The old URL still works for me. https://www.princess.com/find/search.do
  6. It's great that you still have an Advanced Search option, but not everyone does. Enjoy it while it still works! Here are the screenshots of the new home page and Find Cruises page that you'll be switched over to soon enough.
  7. It sounds like he's still waiting for or negotiating the offer for the new job? I've hired lots of people who had vacations coming up and I've even been in the situation of starting a new job shortly before a vacation once myself, and it's really never been a problem to get the time off. Well, once there was a summer intern who wanted to take almost half the summer off, so that was a problem, but I assume your DH's situation is not anything like that! As an employer, I do want to know about these plans during the offer negotiation phase and not on the first day of work. I might delay the start date until after the vacation if it makes more sense for the business (e.g. if he'd only be there for a week and then be gone for 2+ weeks). Also, I would expect the new employee to offer to take this time off as unpaid, though I'd probably find a way to let him get at least a few days paid. Good luck to your DH! I hope he gets the job.
  8. Yes, if you click Plan a Cruise on the website, it will take you to the default (new) page. You have to bookmark the old search entry link and use it each time you want to do another search.
  9. This is the link to the old search engine: https://www.princess.com/find/search.do It still works for me in Chrome.
  10. Regular texting may work over the ship's wifi even if you don't pay for Internet. I was on the Ruby in April and was very surprised that I could text back and forth with my daughter who was at home while we were out at sea. I did not have any type of paid Internet plan, and we were way out of range of any land-based cell tower, and my phone doesn't work with ship-based cell towers. I just connected to the ship's wifi to use the Princess@Sea Intranet site, and I am 100% sure that they didn't give me Internet access by mistake because I kept having to disable wifi whenever we were near land so that I could use cellular data to read email. DD and I both have Google Fi as our cell service. This is just my own experience. YMMV if you're on a different ship or have a different cell service provider, but I'd say it's worth a try to see if it works in your situation.
  11. For me, this seems to be browser dependent. On my Windows laptop, if I visit princess.com in three different browsers, here are the results I get when clicking on Plan a Cruise: - Microsoft Edge: https://www.princess.com/cruise-search/cruises - Firefox: https://www.princess.com/cruise-search/cruises - Chrome: https://www.princess.com/find/search.do So Chrome is the only one giving me the old experience that many seem to prefer. All of my browsers were at full screen width and my screen is plenty wide enough to show the entire page with margins, so that has nothing to do with which default search page appears. Logging in or out of the site also does not have any effect. I tried the old page by pasting the link into Firefox and Edge and it still works fine in both browsers. The old search results page loads much, much faster on all three browsers than the new one does too. It's very noticeable if you just click on the default 635 results button.
  12. That's nice that they still do the regular cocktail party when there are smaller groups! On the cruise I mentioned above, the Gold & Ruby passengers pretty much filled the theater, so I guess that was the only venue that could hold that many people.
  13. It sounds like these were not FCDs that he purchased. These were a freebie given because of some problem on a prior cruise. Princess said something like "we're sorry for the problem, to make up for it, we'll give you $xxx off your next cruise if you book it within 18 months." When that happens, if you don't book within the time frame they give, you are out of luck and you can't get the credits back.
  14. I'd prefer the aft section's port side balcony so as not to be under the sea walk bar, though if you're far enough aft or forward in the midships section, or if you're on a lower deck, it probably doesn't matter.
  15. Just wanted to mention that although the form says you must request the OBC at least 14 days prior to departure, they were able to grant it earlier this month for a last-minute booking where we only had a week's lead time. I really appreciated the quick and professional response when I asked about it.
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