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  1. We worry more about catching something on the plane trip to the port, than what we may/may not get on the ship. I think the cruise lines are being very diligent about keeping their ships clean. Airlines, not so much. to me, it sounds like mom doesn’t really want to go on the cruise and might be using the virus as a cover ? That’s what my mom would do.
  2. Just checked with our TA. Our cabin actually went up $200 pp. so, don’t see any adverse issues at this time dropping prices. We leave in April for Caribbean.
  3. Afternoon tea in Victoria ? If you are referring to the Empress Hotel, when we were there last year it was hugely expensive! Check prices online. You might be able to find an out of the way tea shop that won’t blow a years budget. Victoria is a lovely city. We did a pedicab in Victoria, loved it. Bet the kids would also. A good way to get the lay of the land, before venturing off on your own. Be prepared for all sorts of weather in Alaska, can be warm one day and freezing the next. We were there in a June and it was freezing when going up to the glaciers. But warm In the cities.
  4. I love packing cubes for packing my bags. When you get aboard just take each cube, set on a shelf or place in a drawer and you are unpacked and organized. note.. several people suggest metal straws. They are great, but bring a small brush to wash them and don’t forget you have them and throw away with the disposable cup you are using them with. (lesson learned the hard way).
  5. Hi 1bets1 ! Thanks for your response. I’ve been to Labadee several times and do enjoy the beach. I’ve not seen this excursion offered before and I wondered if it was worth the money and why a waiver for what is basically an art project ?
  6. Not doable in my option. Too many variables. We have been on ships that docked at 4 am and didn’t start letting people off until 8. It all depends on customs clearance times. Also traffic in Miami can be a mess. Why add all that stress to the end of your cruise ?
  7. If you are flying, I would go with Lauderdale. Miami airport is a mess. Lauderdale much more civilized and organized. Flew into Miami several times and each time swore, never more. Pier is a short hop from Fll airport, 10 min with traffic. Travel from port Of Miami to Miami airport is nuts. IMHO.
  8. I bought a couple of pop up boxes at the dollar store. They are 11 inches square, I think. Made from material. Great to put in the bottom of the closet to corral loose stuff. We used for mittens and hats,etc. when we went to Alaska. Good for shoes, flip flops, in Caribbean. When flattened, they don’t take up any room in luggage. (Just a note....they are perfect for those over the bed storage units on Celebrity. )
  9. I’m looking at the Build and Bond activity on Labadee. I’m a Senior so the zip line is a bit out of my comfort zone. Has anyone participated in this activity ? Since it’s basically an Arts and Craft session, I’m wondering why they would require a waiver to participate? Is it off the RC property ? Says a “ short stroll “ from the pier. Worth the money ?
  10. I recommend booking as soon as you can, you can always cancel later if you change your mind. The excursions fill up quickly. Also, have alternate plans in place, the weather can be dicey. We had some excursions cancelled due to bad weather. Also, check and see how many ships are in port at the same time. We had 5 ships all in port in Juneau. Was a mad house. We rented a car and went off on our own, away from the crowd. Since there is only one main road in Juneau, you can’t get lost. We were also able to park right next to the entrance at Mendenhall Glacier. We didn’t ride the tram
  11. Thanks everyone for your suggestions ! Looking forward to being back on Royal Caribbean ! Last year we did Celebrity to a Alaska ! Highly recommend!
  12. Sorry, forgot to mention trip as posted above is on the Adventure of the Seas.
  13. We have a sailing in April and want to do some advance planning. We prefer not to carry heavy bottles of water aboard, but need it twice daily to take meds. Other than the Evian available on cruise planner, can we get bottled water delivered to our cabin ? At our last sailing several years ago, we had two liter bottles delivered by our steward. Is this still an option ?
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