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  1. Sailed on the Joy this past November, first time on a mega ship and was prepared to hate it. Turned out we had a nice cruise and found areas to enjoy that were not as popular. It did not feel bigger lengthwise, walking around was about the same, the extra size seems to be more decks going upwards. - I booked the shows and dining online when it opened up. - Avoided the buffet and pool deck - Didn’t try the carts or slides - enjoyed deck 8 for hanging out, lots of comfortable seating and shade. Not crowded, most people preferred the pool deck - did miss OSheeha
  2. @martincath Thanks for the detailed response, even if the op is being a pill I appreciated it. I have a full day stop in October and this gives me a good idea of what we can do. Have previously done the evening tour at Butchart so want to try other options.
  3. When this happened to me on Joy last November it was because of noro on the ship. I arrived at my normal time anyway (11am) and people were still disembarking. We were given the option of not taking the cruise and receiving a future credit, we chose to board anyway. Lucky I had a balcony, we spent a lot of time in the cabin and avoided the buffet. There were crew members cleaning and wiping down all surfaces daily. I highly doubt deep cleaning, thats just a term to make people feel better. If someone gets onboard that is infected all the cleaning in the world won’t stop them f
  4. I was just on the Joy, sister ship of Bliss. The place we enjoyed for reading and privacy was the Deck 8 boardwalk. Easy to get drinks on deck 8 and nice couch/easy chair seating groups. It was chaos on the top pool deck and the one above it with the jogging track. If you like to walk the track, do it early in the am, its covered with sun loungers later in the day.
  5. I doubt if there will be a breakdown of spending by guest for any onboard charges. I say this because I just took a cruise in Nov with my son, everything went on my card. The TV app that shows spending listed everything under my name, I never saw a final bill even though a paper copy was supposed to be slipped under the door on the last night. The only way I knew what son charged was because it was in the arcade, I didn’t play the video games, those charges were listed individually, $1.75 per game.
  6. Can you elaborate on the “free access to CruiseCritic.com”? Did you purchase social internet and they added CC to what was allowed? Did you have no internet package and they somehow gave you free internet for CC only? TIA
  7. It's not the US banking system that is antiquated, it's the older generation here, younger people use automated banking. My son carries no cash and has no checks. He gets a paper paycheck, takes a picture of it to deposit. I haven't written a check in years, all my bills are on autopilot, deduct from my checking account.
  8. We pass on the free drinks, we are light social drinkers so even the 20% grats is more than we consume. If you have a CAS card it's free drinks in the casino. Be aware that internet is by the minute and you have to turn it off when done or the timer keeps going. I used my iPad for 15 min and just shut it off, when I went back all the minutes were used up! Your ship card is marked with the perks you have, the server will take your card and explain SDP then bring back a bill for $0.0 usually. You only get one entree but can order multiple apps and desserts.
  9. To each his own, we preferred Manhatten, and requested a table all the way at the back. We had a table in Savor next to the window and the waves whizzing by made me quesy, whereas at the rear it didn’t bother me. As stated, menu is the same for all 3.
  10. Are you talking about the one on the port side, aft? We just got plates of food in the buffet and took a table in the sports bar then ordered drinks. The garden buffet was near the forward door and the rear door was next to the great outdoors buffet. They did have some nice hot wings, but as you say, a limited menu.
  11. A lot of people like to visit the Arizona Memorial / Pearl Harbor. NCL should have a shore excursion for debark day, that would be the best way to visit to be sure and get tickets on the tender boat out to the memorial. The tours get blocks of tickets, otherwise you have to book in advance, they sell out quick. If you dont get a ticket there are some exhibits and a movie to watch at the dock museum. The swap meet at Aloha Stadium is another popular stop for some shopping. Its all the same stuff the gift shops sell at lower prices. I know for a fact the shops jack up prices whe
  12. Just cruised Joy Thanksgiving week, agree with most of your comments, my butt is still sore from the theater seats watching Footloose! It was my first cruise on a mega ship, we stick to jewel class. I expected more crowds and having to make more reservation, the NCL app was great for that. We only went to buffet twice, horrible layout and we didn’t like the location, much prefer a rear buffet and great outdoors aft deck. Agree on food, we only liked the Indian selections also. The Local, way too loud in there, noise coming up from below. We had lunch one day in PV a
  13. Teppanyaki, cooked right in front of you and they even cut it up into bite size pieces.
  14. You are a little late for online booking it opens up much earlier with a limited number of slots, those restaurants must have all been taken. You will have to book once onboard, there are more slots saved for after boarding. The easiest way is with the NCL app once you get onboard, connect to the wifi and book. Otherwise you have to line up at reservation desk or use one of the touchscreens around the ship.
  15. I prefer the art I make myself onboard, a glass of wine helps. I avoid the buffet at all costs, maybe a quick coffee stop on my morning walk. I avoid the drink package, free drinks at the casino bar with my CAS card. I only choose SDP and $50 excursion offers, all free at sea, meh. I ignore the announcements anyway, its just a repeat of information in the Daily, which I read and memorize as well as using the app. Sometimes I don’t get off in ports.
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