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  1. Thanks, Seashark and Cool Cruiser. I just wish they had those listed on the NCL site. Maybe they do, but I couldn't find it.
  2. What means what? I'm booking for a family cruise, so it gets tricky on cabins, stuff which goes with, stuff that only goes with the first cabin, etc. Our confirmation at this point is only for 1 cabin for me and my husband. Can anybody interpret these heiroglyphics? I've googled by fingers of and can't find them. Why not? They should be in this forum for NCL, right? If so, then where are they? Help, please. I'm paying out a lot of money to book 8 family members and I want every damned discount I can wring out of them. Thank you in advance for anything on these codes. I can only guess a few. AFBDSIOC AFD10OFF DISC30 EASYFARE FS00I GAP0000 GROUP LATREW Latitudes Reward? SHX50 Shore excursion discount? MISSING from this list are items I was given the impression I was getting. BOGO airfare, for example. They even asked me the departure city, but no Air Fare is listed (on a previous reservation, it's listed as AIRPROM3. THANK YOU!!!!!!
  3. On our last cruise, straws disappeared mid-voyage. I guess when the plastic straw issue came up they just took them all away. I asked to have a spoon with my Bushwhacker. Since then, I bought a nice package of steel straws. 2 each of 8.5 bent and straight, 2 each of 10.5 bent and straight, 1 larger diameter (for milkshakes?), and three cleaning brushes. I tested on one a well-iced Bloody Mary and didn't freeze my lips, so I'm happy to forgo plastic straws for the environment. If you've seen the picture of the sea tortoise with a plastic straw jammed up his nose, you might also decide it's time for the plastic to go away. Can't even recycle them anymore.
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