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  1. I do realize no one here has the answer to this question, however I am just looking for informed opinions. How do you read the tea leaves? A percent chance perhaps. I am making plans (spending money) as thought it will sail as scheduled.
  2. I am booked on the January 24th cruise out of Tampa. I have seen a lot of discussions about this ship not being around much longer. It hasn't been "revolutionized" and there are many rumors about it being sold. With vaccinations on the rise and the no sail order coming to a conclusion mid July, what are the chances this ship will sail as scheduled?
  3. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts on your cruise. My wife and I will be on the Summit in January and have the any time dining which seems to be the only option available for us. We haven't cruised with Celebrity yet and I am unfamiliar with the procedures. Can I set up reservations in the mdr even though I have any time dining? If not, is there a better time to go to dinner with out much of a wait? Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. Also, I'm glad you had a good time on your cruise. I often see so much negativity on the decor and it can be refreshing to hear a different opinion.
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