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  1. I went on a 4 day cruise on Liberty going to Nassau and Freeport in June, our elegant night was the second day which on my cruise was the Sea day. My cruise was Port Canaveral, Sea day, Nassau, Freeport.


    After some more googling I found a somewhat consensus that Elegant night will be on the 2nd night of a 4 day cruise. Is there anyone that's been on the 4 day cruise to Freeport and Nassau out of Port Canaveral able to verify this? Seems a bit odd since we're in port that day until 5pm and early dining would be at 6pm.

  2. Hopefully, you've booked your cruise (and/or flight) in the name on your ID's!


    We did since the wedding is so close to the honeymoon i'm waiting to change my name until after we come back from the trip, I read horror stories about the difficulties people have went through.

  3. Hi guys,


    This is my first thread on this site. I'm from Cincinnati Ohio, I leave for my honeymoon/Birthday trip this Sunday and will on Carnival Liberty for four days. We're also going to spend a day at Daytona beach and the rest of our time in Orlando, where we hope to relocate to next year. I have looked up everything I can and you guys are soooo helpful, I've looked at so many reviews, cheers questions and steakhouse reviews, my fiance says i'm obsessed which I am :). This is my second cruise the first one was a 3 day on fantasy last year with my mom around this time as a birthday trip. I would have liked to do a longer cruise but this is his first one and he's really nervous and really wanted to spend more time in Florida than on the ship so we're splitting the time up. I can't wait to enjoy our balcony, cheers program and get a taste of that awesome steakhouse you guys always talk about. We booked one excursion to do a ATV ride on my actual birthday June 21 (turning 27 :hearteyes:) which I hope will be fun, I've never been on one. I figured i'm always reading posts maybe I could post one, Any advice or must do's on Liberty? The balcony? Nassau? I know a lot of people skip this port or don't get off the ship but I want to explore. Also just for fun any advice for us as newly weds? We get married in a very small ceremony this Friday which i'm excited about also.




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