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  1. We booked September 2021 .. DOH .. and its our 50th Wedding Anniversary .. Waiting to see if they just cancel or re arrange the ports ? anyone know what will happen ?
  2. When we get off at all ports the first stop is to find a coffee shop ..how hard can it be Cunard ?
  3. We went on a tour and the driver stopped at a garage to tell us all about the flags they were flying .. doh ...and kept saying " behind this big hedge Elizabeth Taylor had a holiday home " Really ? Actually it was quite funny !.
  4. Well .... if you are anywhere Long Beach you should book into the Queen Mary 2 as its now a hotel. We sneaked back after we were on a tour and danced in the beautiful ballroom ... no where has the 30's Art Deco style that this ship has ... out of this world ...
  5. I used to love them .. UNTIL ... I are some bad ones in Clifden Co Galway in Ireland ... I had food poisoning for 10 days and I was in a rented flat with only 2 towels .. it was awful and Ive never experience sickness like it ...
  6. Well the issue is a minefield ! We love dancing and go to evening dances and do Sequence Dance ( everyone on the floor do the same steps and go round in a circle ) which is great as everyone has their own space ... however it can't be used as a " lets join in and follow " as there are specific steps and routines and having a person in front of you banging into you and causing mayhem is not a fun option. On QM2 we had someone hosting but although they explained to oversea passengers what Sequence dancing was , they ignored the advice and blocked the floor and made themselves a nuisance ... And
  7. Yes I did one Bookclub read but I didnt feel it was very knowledgeable about the issues in the book. I wouldn't bother to go again.
  8. Because the service in the dining room at lunch is so slow .. only time for soup if you want to be anywhere early afternoon.
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