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  1. Book between now and December 31st and get quadruple points! 😉
  2. In my post, I said comfortable WITH, not comfortable IN. I could not feel comfortable walking into formal night or a nice restaurant dressed like a slob and I don’t believe most others would either. I always dress nice, but not a suit and tie or tux. In my observations I’d say true formal attire on formal night (or dress your best) is about 15%.
  3. No matter how you dress, if you look around, you’ll see people dressed much nicer than you and much worse than you. Don’t sweat it. Wear what you feel comfortable with/acceptable and enjoy.
  4. You can log onto the Celebrity site with the same user name and password as for Royal. It will recognize you and assign a CC # if you don’t already have one.
  5. Call the 800 number and hit prompt 4, 2, 1 for an emailed invoice.
  6. Recently, we were on a B2B on Independence and had MTD (we were in a suite). I asked the concierge to reserve a table for two by a window for 5:30 and that’s what we got. Not sure if it was still MTD or we were changed to early dining. I did notice the people around us were the same each night, so we may have been changed from MTD to early dining.
  7. I believe all upcharge items on all menus are not covered under UDP. Also a $10 upcharge at Hibachi.
  8. They will go to the bar to get your drink and yes, they will will swipe your card to use one of your vouchers.
  9. We were in the Suite Lounge on independence a few weeks ago and drinks were not limited to the old restricted menus as before. They were brought from the bar, not the little in-lounge bar as they used to. Frozen drinks and premium liquors were available. I had my Hendricks & tonic every night.
  10. Just another way to sneak in a price increase and hope most don’t notice it.
  11. Seeing them for $50 right now on Liberty and Adventure.
  12. Royal is so unpredictable I don’t think anyone can give you a close answer. But I think they’re mostly waiting til the last minute now to assign gty cabins.
  13. Does anyone have a link to the PDF chart that lists all the cabin categories and codes for each individual class of ships? I used to have it but can’t find it anywhere. This time I’ll print it out so I’ll have a paper copy. Thanks.
  14. Not one to judge, but what happens if he runs into trouble? You could watch him choke to death while you try to make it back to your cabin.
  15. Welcome to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Where the prices are made up and the sales don’t matter….
  16. This was in our shower (suite) on Independence a few weeks ago along with the small tubes shown above. Didn’t use any of it so I can’t comment on the quality.
  17. They’ll test you on the ship the day before turnaround.
  18. They just changed it to eliminate boarding day lunch and added free room service and 25% off specialty restaurants.
  19. Yes. I have a friend on Indy right now and they all got a white one like that for this week. It was the silicon bands up until this week. That would drive me nuts….
  20. Just a thought. Some TAs book on group rates that do not qualify for some options. I wonder if this could be a factor. Aside from that, I was on a B2B on Indy several weeks ago and never received a Royal Up offer for the second leg. Going to the RC link to make a bid, I always got the response as mentioned above that it was not within the 30 days or incorrect info was submitted. I had the suite concierge checking on it which was escalated to Next Cruise and Guest Services and it was never resolved. I was finally able to get in on the link the day before sailing which was then too late as everything had already been awarded. Prior to the sailing, I called RC several times and was told that it’s done through an outside agency and they could do nothing.
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