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  1. Thanks for trying. I wanted to make sure that nothing was wrong with my computer.
  2. I'm trying to get into AMA's website and it says that the website is not private and may be impersonating AMA's website to steal info. It says that the certificate expired yesterday. Is anybody else having this issue or is it my computer? Judy
  3. I'll try to remember to let you know, I don't fly out until the end of Oct. I plan on getting tested at the Philadelphia airport. I drive by it every day so it is no big deal for me to go the day before and get tested. I did contact them and they did say that the test type was on the result, but it does not say what type of sample (saliva or swab) was taken. I don't need that info. It also doesn't have the time the sample was taken, just the date. I'm supposed to have the time, but the date will be within 72 hrs, even if the test was taken at 0000.Judy
  4. That's why I'm getting a quick PCR test( 4 hr turn around time). I need a neg test 72 hrs before boarding my flight to Jordan and 72 hrs is cutting it close if it is late. Judy
  5. I plan to get a 4 hr test at the airport (I pass it going to/from work) about 50 hrs before the flight to Jordan. For Jordan, I need the PCR test and I will have my US vaccine card. I arrive in Jordan 6 days before flying to Egypt so my test for Jordan will not work for Egypt. Unfortunately, I need the test no more than 72 hrs before my first flight to Jordan. Most places have a 2-4 day turn around time for the test. With my luck, it would be 3-4 days and I will not be able to board my flight. This leaves me no choice but to pay $250 for the rapid test. Yes, Petra and Wadi Run ( only a short drive) are included in the Jordan tour. Alos, Jeresh, Mt Nebo, Madaba. I will do the Dead Sea on my own before the tour. Judy
  6. I'm going on AMA's pre cruise tour to Jordan before my Egypt cruise. I have to get tested before entering Egypt, will AMA take care of this? I know that I have pay for it but don't know how to get tested to get into Egypt. Judy
  7. If you do z google search, you my find a place that does 1-4 hr testing. Like you, I am afraid to go to someplace that takes 2-4 days to get the results back. I'm going to the airport a few days before vacation and doing the 4 hr PCR test. It cost more but I will have my results quickly. The only problem is that the result is texted to you. I may be able to get them from a pt portal, but am not sure. I figure I can screenshot the text and print it out.
  8. I think I started on Cruisecritic when I went on my first Alaska cruise and I was traveling solo.
  9. I'm still looking into the Mekong for next year, it may be on AMA and not Uniworld now. Uniworld may have a place to store meds if needed, I'll have to look into it later. Judy
  10. I'd love to, I've been reading your posts for years!!
  11. That was my thread about refrigerated meds. This may be a deal breaker for my next cruise on the Mekong. I will have to have my travel agent talk to Uni to see what I can do if there is no fridge.
  12. I sail solo too and am now concerned about the dining. It looks like Ama is doing the same thing. I'm a seasoned cruiser but usual do ocean cruises. Over the years, I have some great tablemates, some good, some ok and twice pretty bad. I now only do my time/freestyle dining. On an ocean cruise, I don't mind eating my myself, but on a small boat (66 other passengers on my next river cruise) I'd want to sit with various people.
  13. Check out the 4 all family coolers, they keep things at 2-8 C (35-46F). I haven't gotten mine yet, deciding between the $139 or $199 version. I called Genetech, the makers of Pegasys) and they said that Pegasys can only be at room temp for 24 hrs so these 4 all family coolers look like my best option.
  14. I'm not cruising until Nov 1st. I was just checking for updates.
  15. I was just looking at the cruise check in form and saw a question asking if I was traveling with anybody that I would want to sit with for meals. Looks like Ama might be assigning tables for meals. It also asked if I was vaccinated. Judy
  16. Check out the 4 all family insulin cooler. https://4allfamily.com. looks like a thermos and can keep things cool with the gel pack for many hours There is also a lid that you can put on that is a cooler when you plug it into a usb port or 10,000amp phone charger. I'm getting the $139.99 one for my trip to Jordan and Egypt. On the plane, I will keep it plugged into the usb port. In the hotel, I hope to use the fridge and in between I will use the phone charge. I plane on traveling with 2 phone chargers. I will ask the tour guide if there is a way to freeze the gel pack. I'm having difficulty finding out how long I can keep my meds (Pegasys) outside of fridge temperature and this is the best that I could find. Hope this helps you. Judy
  17. 6:30 is sleeping in to me!!!! My problem may be that I don't have enough spit at that time!
  18. Yesterday, Ama changed their policies and you must be fully vaccinated to board their ships. They also recommend a negative PCR test but are not requiring it. I hope this doesn't effect anybody. Judy
  19. Which company/cruise is doing daily testing? As far as I can tell, on my AMA trip to Jordan and Egypt, we just have to test when we get into Jordan ( if not vaccinated), Egypt (if not vaccinated) and going back to US.
  20. This is the first time traveling with refrigerated meds, I don't know if the hotel/cruise staff will refreeze the gel packs. The Frio bag will be an emergency back up.
  21. Thanks, that is helpful. I'm thinking of buying both the Frio bag and a medical cooler that looks like a thermos. It comes with a gel pack and a lid that acts like a cooler when plugged into a USB port. I can even plug it into a phone charger. One problem with relying on gel packs is that I will not be able to refreeze it. Thanks for the suggestions of buying a remote temp sensor.
  22. Thanks, I thought that I had asked this before but didn't see it. So then I thought that I had asked on a different forum. Judy
  23. Does the Frio bag keep the meds at 8-10 degrees centigrade (about 45-50 Fahrenheit )?
  24. My next trip is a river cruise with Amawaterways and in March, I started taking medicine that has to be kept at refrigerated temperature. Does anybody have any suggestions on what I can do to keep it cold during a 12 hr 30 min flight with a 2 hr layover and then a 3 hr flight, not to mention the time to/ from the airport? Airlines will not put it in the refrigerator and I don't want to keep asking for ice ( but will if I have to). Thanks Judy
  25. I'm planning on going to Jordan and Egypt in Oct/Nov and for Jordan, you need a QR code. US vaccination cards do not have this and there is no digital system to get a qR code. I'm going to assume that I need to be tested in Jordan and Egypt.
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