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  1. Can you help me find these pictures? We would love to see them. Cruise Wonderland- thanks for the info about the curtains, good to know. We will be traveling with our then 3 year old and we will most likely be turning in early, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
  2. Hey everybody, Just rescheduled our Baltic cruise that was originally supposed to be last summer for the third time, this time to August 2022 on Voyager. Wondering if anyone has any information on the two rooms we booked, 6502 and 6504. It is our first time in a non-interior room, and our first time in a forward facing room. We know that part of the view is of the helipad, and we think we’re pretty OK with that, we can see the water pat the helipad still though, correct? Anything else interesting about these rooms? Either pros or cons.
  3. Thank you for pointing this out! Was able to save over $850 on next summer's cruise. Now we are just hoping it actually sails!
  4. Just did all that, it was turned on, but I turned it off, saved, then back on, saved, and it worked! Email sent!
  5. dogs4fun, thank you for offering this, but I don’t see your email address anywhere, in fact I see no signatures anywhere (I have checked on both mobile and a laptop)
  6. Excited to hear more, especially if you use the nursery service. We will be going on Brilliance this summer with a 1 year old.
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