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  1. @John&LaLa Thank you for taking us with you. If you have a minute and can ask the appropriate people about how the nursery will be working in August it would be incredible! Thanks
  2. This was confirmed by Cruise Director Marc Walker on Facebook.
  3. The app now says (and this has been confirmed by the Cruise Director Marc Walker on Facebook) that entertainment reservations once you have boarded.
  4. They have said that check in should open between 2-3 weeks before sailing.
  5. If you have any unvaccinated people (including kids) in your party, the whole party must take a ship sponsored excursion (except on Coco Cay). If your entire party is vaccinated you can do whatever you want.
  6. For anyone who has been on Freedom, ( @linga you might know the answer) is the Nursery open? I totally am expecting different restrictions like they have for Adventure Ocean, but haven't seen anything about if it is even operating.
  7. Yes, there is also a 1 Dozen pack of water. No soda on Cruise Planner.
  8. Thanks for the update! My wife and I will be on Allure next month with our 2 year old. Any updates we get are greatly appreciated.
  9. @linga If you are able to confirm the following it would be wonderful. We have seen those traveling with unvaccinated children are being asked to go on ship sponsored excursions with their entire party. But are they also being treated as unvaccinated on board the ship? In other words if someone is in the same party as an unvaccinated child do they get a wristband? no need to rush to answer this. But if you get the chance would be wonderful. Enjoy your vacation!
  10. I am on Allure in mid August. For a while cruise planner said to try again later. Now this message appears. I am assuming that because of limited capacity and designated spaces for those vaccinated versus unvaccinated reservations for the entertainment might not be needed.
  11. Voyager has some longer Baltic cruises as well. We will be on Voyager in August on an 11 Day Baltic cruise, and the price wasn’t bad at all.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/100057105533884/posts/260783699168479/?d=n Hi, I have read many different narratives on our vaccine policy and I thought I would clarify the current policy. It is complicated as we navigate through different laws and regulations by state and country and region. One guarantee is whatever the policy is today, it will evolve and change. 1. Our crew will be fully vaccinated on the entire Royal fleet and we are working succesfully to achieve that. 2. For guests sailing on Adventure from the Bahamas. Anthem from Southampton. Jewel
  13. August 22 is now back, outside view and suites marked as sold out. Interior and Balcony still on sale.
  14. We were booked on oasis for August 15, now we’re standing out in Florida on allure August 22.
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