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  1. Thank you for posting this, my wife and I will be on this same cruise August 2020, with our 1 year old and my in-laws, so this is perfect!
  2. Never mind, looks like it has to happen onboard. “All additional reservations or changes to your courtesy reservation must be made once onboard at any specialty restaurant.”
  3. Just booked Chops + 1 for our August 2020 Brilliance cruise, $59 per person. At checkout we had to select a reservation time on one of the first two days for Chops, but there was no place to reserve our second choice. Any ideas how we go about doing that?
  4. I would also love info on this. We will be taking a 1 year old on Brilliance next summer, any information is appreciated.
  5. Yes, this is one of the tips I was going to say. They won’t always open it until most of the tables in WJ are full, but when they do sit there, quiet and you will almost always get a window seat.
  6. Just what the title says, I discovered my Cozumel Amazing Race excursion was canceled when I logged on to look up the start time of the excursion. I tried to rebook the excursion only to discover it was no longer offered, I never got any notice from Carnival that this happened, and when I called their customer service to ask what happened they had no clue, just that it is no longer offered. I did some research and found that I had received a full refund on June 18th, I just really wish they would have said anything. I contacted Amazing Race, and they said they were booking Carnival passengers directly on their website, so I was able to sign up there with no problem at all.
  7. We will be in GC in August and have an excursion (Glass bottom sub, turtle farm, rum cakes, Hell) that says it will get us back in Georgetown at 2:15. The boat doesn't leave until 6 (so I am assuming last tender is 5:00-5:15ish). What are some options to fill in those last few hours (that isn't just "go to the beach:" or "shop")? Is that enough time to see the stingrays? If there are no great options what about suggestions for a nice lunch that isn't a franchise place.
  8. We used Discover Vinales https://www.discover-vinales.com/
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