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  1. They are used to seeing all sorts of documents at this point. I would print the results and then highlight your name and the word NEGATIVE. That will expedite the procedure.
  2. Once I was off work I was able to call. The woman I spoke to said as long as it is before final payment date for your cruise you can do a price drop, but it would work the same way it does on Cruise Planner, where you would cancel your order and then place a new order at the lower price.
  3. That's great! Is the process the same, just call and ask for the price drop?
  4. I am about to book flights for our Baltic cruise next summer, and they are on the expensive side of where we had originally budgeted. If the price drops between now and next summer are we able to have Air2Sea adjust it for us, the way we can on the cruise fare?
  5. Last week on Allure a few time slots did fill up, mostly evenings. After everyone had a chance to register for time on day 1 they allowed families to make additional reservations. Yes, masks were required for everyone 2 and up
  6. Last week on Allure a few time slots did fill up, mostly evenings. After everyone had a chance to register for time on day 1 they allowed families to make additional reservations. Yes, masks were required for everyone 2 and up
  7. It isn’t about safety, it is about contact tracing and limiting the number of locals you come into contact with. The two excursions we did last week both had relatively low numbers.
  8. Last week on Allure a few time slots did fill up, mostly evenings. After everyone had a chance to register for time on day 1 they allowed families to make additional reservations
  9. On Allure last week you got 12 hours of time throughout the week to assign when you boarded. After everyone had a chance to get times that first day you could book more.
  10. Because the rooms need to be deep cleaned the nursery has a few odd hours, but if they were open during the time you wanted you could take that whole slot if you wished. a lot of days they weren’t even open during meal time and when they were they had some food delivered to the rooms at adventure ocean. Not sure if it is different for older kids.
  11. On the first day you can sign up for 12 hours spread throughout the trip. After the first day you can call or stop by to schedule more time.
  12. probably no more restrictive than these excursions would be in non-Covid times. before we got off the ship in St Maarten members of the crew met with us in the theater and did ask us to stick together and not go off on our own so the contact tracing will be a lot easier to do in the event that there was a case. In St Maarten we took the 2 hour trolley train ride, which included a little walking tour down by the beach as well as a stop at the cheese shop. This tour guide specifically asked us to stick together and reminded us to not go off. While on the open air trolley train we could take our masks off. We all went into the cheese shop together, and left together (though we could wait outside). And we all stuck together during our walk. when the tour was over we were dropped off in the parking lot a short walk from the ship. I guess we could’ve tried going into the shops there, but I didn’t see anybody with children do that, we all went right to the ship. My wife and I had decided early on our plan was to take our daughter back to the ship after the short excursion and go back out on our own, while on our own we could do whatever. In St Thomas we did a tour to Drake’s Seat, two hours at Magens bay beach, and then 45 minutes at the pirate/shipwreck museum. Although the buses were open air we were asked to keep our masks on, but we could take them off at both the viewpoint and the beach. We were told we could go anywhere at the beach, including the restaurant/bar, but we stuck together at both the view point at the museum. once again, we were dropped off a short walk from the ship, end it appeared like everyone with kids was taking a slow walk directly back, stopping to listen to the music and watch the dancers but not going in to any enclosed spaces. In conclusion, read in mind the “restrictions” but we are not big into the hole shopping thing, and we had almost 4 hours on our own in St Maarten after dropping our kid off in the nursery.
  13. I won’t be writing a full review, just jotting down a few notes, if you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will answer them as best I can. 1) First, and most importantly, it was a truly wonderful vacation. The crew (1800) outnumbered the guests (1600) and were all determined to make sure we had the best service ever. This includes the Covid testing staff who tested all passengers under 12 both right before boarding (which included a wonderful waiting area with music and coloring pages and crayons) and on Day 7 before getting off for Coco Cay (results were emailed that afternoon). 2) Masks- This was our biggest concern, as our daughter just turned 2 a month ago and we have only been practicing with masks for a few weeks as it has been very difficult finding a mask that will fit her. All the paperwork says masks must be worn by those 2 and up, but our daughter (who admittedly does look young) was only told she had to wear the mask when in the nursery, which I totally get, and which she did. She was allowed to walk the halls and the promenade without her mask (and yes, anytime somebody asked her age we told the truth). Interestingly she was also not forced to wear the mask when on our flights. That said, we were thrilled at how great everyone was at complying with the mask rule, I rarely saw anyone in a mask location without a mask being worn properly, the one instance I can recall was in Windjammer when someone went back to the buffet in the middle of their meal and left their mask on their table, a crew member immediately went over to them and quietly reminded them of the rule and they rushed back to grab the mask, obviously embarrassed. 3) Pool- we thought our daughter would never leave the pool deck, since she has spent most of this summer in our pool. But, while she enjoyed the baby splash pool, it was small, and only one family at a time was allowed in (once again, a rule I totally understand). She spent time on the beaches at St Thomas and Coco Cay and loved that. 4) Boardwalk- What she absolutely fell in love with was the carousel, she rode it at least 10 times a day, usually far more, and many times was the only one on. She was also the last to ride it on Saturday night and even cried when crew member Sarah told her it was closing down (Sarah felt so bad she let Jennie sit on some of her favorite animals for pictures and to say some goodbyes). 5) Shows- The only show we saw in the theatre (where unvaccinated children must sit in the balcony level) was Tony Tillman’s concert, and there was only one other family up there with us, which left plenty of space for our daughter to be able to run around and jump and dance without bothering anyone else. The Aquashow was fun, but because half the seats are unavailable due to social distancing it “filled up” quickly. Our daughter enjoyed parts of it, but was quite bored at others and we were glad the music was loud enough to drown out some of her restless noise. The ice show was also at half capacity due to social distancing. After the Aqua Show we weren’t sure what to expect but the Ice Show completely held her attention for the whole 50 minutes. 6) Excursions- Yes, we were required to have Royal Excursions at both to leave the ship with our daughter, but they weren’t crowded and were operated well. 7) Nursery- our daughter doesn’t do daycare at home, so we had no idea how this would go. On day 1 we stopped by to schedule some time, and they suggested that we all come back the next morning to meet some of the staff and walk around, trying to get her comfortable. She spent the morning of Day 3 in the nursery so we could go enjoy the Solarium, but that was the morning of the heavy rains and wind, so we ended up doing trivia and reading in Schooner, and she did a really good job. We did a morning excursion in St Maarten and then brought her to the nursery for nap time and the afternoon, and once again she was having fun. But the next two times we tried to take her she had complete meltdowns while going in, and we ended up keeping her with us. The nursery staff did give us one of the bags of toys they have for her to play with in the room, and that helped. 😎 Dining- we mostly did Windjammer for Breakfast and MDR for dinner. The dining staff was absolutely incredible with our daughter. Whenever she started to get a little restless and we hadn’t finished eating yet at least one person ran over to do magic, and sing songs, or make an origami bird. It was beyond what we ever could have asked for. A special huge thank you to our waiter Alberto who indulged our daughter’s love of noodles while also making sure she got fruit and veggies (and one cookie). Final note here, my wife says Royal should really consider continuing to seat families with young kids in the same area of the same dining room in the future. Nobody complained when there were squawks, tears or breaks to run around because we were all in the same position. In closing, it is very different cruising with a toddler than when we cruised just the two of us, but Royal truly made it a great experience.
  14. Never mind, just got an email that it should open about 24 hours before boarding.
  15. We board the Allure tomorrow. Does anyone know what time the health and safety questionnaire starts accepting submissions. It just says the day before the cruise, but it won’t accept responses yet. I was hoping we could fill it out before flying to Orlando.
  16. Piggy backing on this thread with another Port Canaveral question (if that is alright). We will be renting a car (Enterprise). I’m assuming there is a place at the terminal I can drop off my wife, daughter, and luggage before dropping off the car? And then the best way back is the Enterprise shuttle, is that correct?
  17. There have been many many cruisers reporting it here. If you are vaccinated you get the special wristband. If you have the special wristband you get to go to vaccinated only areas (if you are not with someone who is unvaccinated) This could change, but as of the cruises going on this week it is true
  18. If I put a luggage tag on an unopened box of diapers will it be delivered to the cabin?
  19. If you are with the child you can’t go to vaccinated only areas, but if you are NOT with the child you can. Royal also recently changed the excursion rule. If you are getting off the boat with the child you must be on a Royal excursion, if the child is staying on the boat (with someone from your party or in child care) you can go out on your own.
  20. Are they still taking photos in indoor spaces, and if so what is that procedure like? Do they have people take off their masks when they are posing? Taking our daughter on the Allure next week and hoping to get some good photos of us all dressed up.
  21. I’m assuming you are asking about dining, but not really sure. Unvaccinated passengers (and their party) dine at one of the two assigned times, and can not do My Time Dining. if you are asking about something else please specify.
  22. The majority of tests they have now are not very intrusive, just a quick swab partway up the nose. Hoping the tests onboard are like those, and not the one that felt like they went clear up to the brain.
  23. At least as of last week vaccinated people traveling with unvaccinated children ARE allowed in the vaccinated only areas. They do have dining reservations with their party, so that means no My Time Dining. They originally were asking them to go on ship sponsored excursions, but later amended that to say if the kids were in kids club on board (or with other people in their party) they could go out on their own.
  24. But it is not fully vaccinated, everyone under 12 will be unvaccinated, and will then be going to schools with more unvaccinated kids, and some of those kids will have family members who don’t have the vaccine (for one reason or another). This is a terrible cycle, and doing a painless and quick test a few days before cruising helps lessening the chance of it spreading like that.
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