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  1. Raspberry Romance was my favorite. Only because when I was feeling a bit off from the waves, it calmed my stomach so I actually wanted to eat. There were a few from Crooners that we just loved. I would have to locate a menu 😉
  2. We have been searching forever for new pillows. The only ones we keep going back to are the Princess ones, and you can buy them. However, I was curious if anyone has and if you did, were they the same as on the boat? We love the down feathered pillows so much. Their shipping is crazy expensive though. https://www.princessluxurybed.com/ is the website for the bedding 😉
  3. Oh wow! I did not know there were ships still out! 😞
  4. We changed our minds on one before and canceled. I did not get an email. I remember looking for one and it was not on my account. We changed to a different one a few days later that was the same price. I am not sure if they had held it as a credit, until it was processed, but we used that credit before funds were released. I would just keep an eye out for the refund.
  5. I would love a double upgrade!! hehe I like their bribe 😉 Is it December yet? lol
  6. Interesting! I was Mid Aft moved Mid Forward, same side (starboard too!) and floor. I was curious about if there was a chance we could be moved to a different floor. lol We were deluxe balcony to mini upgrade too! We are right after Christmas, so crossing fingers, right? 😉
  7. oooohhh.. I love the aft balconies! Have paid premium to get and keep my corner aft. Sadly my next, there was not a standard non suite in the corner... so we are trying something new. lol
  8. If you have it marked, it won't be. If you have cabins next to eachother the upgrade can't guarantee that. I had no real preference on this next cruise, as they don't have a normal aft corner balcony so I said to let it have a chance 😂😂
  9. Just got an upgrade email this morning for our December cruise. Balcony to mini suite, I believe it is.
  10. Yup. Still crossing my fingers things are ready to go for our next. We have time, thankfully.
  11. Do you have a PVP to work with? You can always shoot them an email and have them help you. We are normally assigned one and I have worked with two that have been super! They can make sure you are getting the best deals and help with deposits (refundable 😉 ) when needed.
  12. You know... I do recall some safety stuff. However for me I thought it was common sense, so maybe I do not remember all the details. Plus, we were already in drinking vacation mode 😛 More reason I guess to make it stand out as importance, right? I do what I can to NOT get sick. lol YASSSSSSSSS!! haha
  13. I think port fees are always refunded if you do not make the port. So if there is no cruise, there is no port. As for taxes, we get taxes paid back because of a refund. In stores that would happen to, like if you buy a pair of shoes, you would get your taxes back with your return. Crazy they would not refund 100%
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