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  1. Just off Magic earlier this month and I can comment on a couple things: Anytime dining is great. We used the HUB app to request a table and never had to wait no matter what time we went! We went to Amber Cove last year and did a Carnival excursion with natural water slides and cliff jumps. It was one of the best excursions we have done. It is very intense walking up to the top to get to the slides but so worth it. I'll see if I can find the name of the excursion. In Grand Turk we went to Jack's Shack. I'm not much of a "beach day" kind of person but we really really
  2. Great review! We sailed on Magic the week before you! I'm still working on finishing my review. We had David as our steward as well and thought he did a great job!! We also noticed the sewage smell on deck 7... It was somewhere mid/aft. Not terrible but noticeable. Glad you had a great time!
  3. On the ship - Room 7461 Aft Balcony This was our first time in an aft balcony. First impressions - seemed kind of small, but still adequate. No couch in this one. There was a small chair between the bed and the windows, though. We had plenty of space for all of our things. One thing we did this time, that I learned from a thread here on CC, was to bring small square fabric bins/cubbies (for lack of a better term). We bought them at the dollar store and got 2 sizes. Two were about 8x8in and five were about 5x5in. The smaller ones were perfect to put in the closet on the shelve
  4. This was our 5 cruse, 4th on Carnival, 1st on Magic and our favorite cruise so far. Loved the itinerary and met so many great people on board. It was also our first time in an aft balcony. More on that later :) Also, this is my first review so hopefully it flows. I will say that we are really laid back and pretty easy to please people. We don't ask a lot and can make a good time out of almost any situation. We like to take our time and drive from NC to Florida for our cruises. Wednesday 8/28 - Charleston, SC We stayed at the Mills House Wyndh
  5. We were on this sailing as well and it was our favorite so far! I'm planning to do a review as well, once I recover. We just got home today after a long drive home. As for the delay getting on, one of the crew members told us that a 45ish year old man punched an 80ish year old man during debarkation. Paramedics were called as was security and the man was arrested. Terrible situation.
  6. We just got off the Magic. Have a wonderful time!
  7. We are new to NCL, sailing on the Sun on May 24th. We did the sail away balcony and just got our room assignment yesterday. Midship balcony on deck 9 (fjord) . We are super excited! We have only sailed Carnival before and always chosen our stateroom but we may be more open to doing sail away or GTY rooms in the future. We thought it was fun not knowing what we were going to get!
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