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  1. In order to sail at reduced capacity for the initial sailings, HAL has removed Insides and OV from the inventory. Makes total sense to me ... there will be alot of easing in to be done by crew and guests.
  2. So ... did anyone listen to the recent 2021 Global Science Summit ... WTTC/Carnival Corporation 202l Global Science Summit On COVID-19 (covidsciencesummit.com) Vaccination gives some freedom and a lower risk of severe infection ... but bottom line, for the foreseeable future we still need to mask up, keep a distance and practice good hygiene.
  3. It can and did happen to us on an Alaskan cruise. The night before embarkation we received a new booking confirmation email with a different suite # (7001 instead of 7010) ... never really thought much of it till the next morning. It truly was a most memorable surprise and experience. We figure it came down to good fortune and the demographics of fellow passengers.
  4. Received the email ... haven't read but will answer the survey. We have had 5 cruises cancelled ... 4 with HAL ... have 4 FCD each and ... FCC from the cancelled cruises ... and NO cruises booked. 4* and can't wait to cruise ... when it's safe ...
  5. Has anyone had experience in using multiple FCC in addition to FCD on a single booking? We have 3 cancelled cruises by HAL ... although not all FCC have appeared on my account ... in addition to 3 FCD. Would love to take advantage of current promos and bonus offers but ... I'm not ready to book what is being offered ... just yet.
  6. So disappointed to have yet another cruise cancelled ... of all of our bookings this was the itinerary I was most excited about. And the kicker .... I had just booked flights & hotel on Monday. Ho hum.
  7. Well worth the listen. I unfortunately also agree. Based on science and the actions of some (too many) people, we will not be cruising in the foreseeable future. Wear a mask, social distance and be responsible.
  8. Yup ... up here Perrault Falls is northern Ontario ... just ask them 😊
  9. Cruzaholic, Toronto is NOT Canada ... it's just a city in this vast wonderful county. I don't like your reference to Canadians as 'everyone up there'. I live at the West end of Lake Ontario ... I've never heard of any fish/hunt camps in Western Ontario ... do you mean Northern Ontario ... where there has been zero co-vid. As an invited guest to an event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada ... show some respect and don't spout misinformation. My advice to you ... stay home, wash your hands and be considerate of others.
  10. I received the email from HAL and no where was I referred to as paunchy. Be nice or zip it.
  11. Absolutely! Your PCC will apply the FCC and then take your CC info and you're on your way.
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