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  1. Glad we put off Europe till 2022. Hopefully things will be more back to normal by then. Will be fully vaccinated by the end of May 😀
  2. My beard was chest length before Covid. It's now about 1/2". Was too uncomfortable/awkward wearing a mask. I'll be fully vaccinated soon, and hopefully won't need to wear a mask in the coming months. Can't wait to grow it out again.
  3. Got my first Pfizer jab last Friday. Other than being a little more tired than normal for a day no side effects. Pharmacy will text me when to come in for second jab. So happy to be fully vaccinated soon.
  4. We're sticking with land vacations through 2021, but this announcement gives us real hope for 2022.
  5. We've had a few promenade rooms and enjoyed them. As previously mentioned you just have to make sure curtains are fully closed to prevent others from seeing into your room. I would also recommend taking a room on deck 7 or 8 as deck 6 can be a little louder, although some people love the convenient access to the promenade from deck 7.
  6. Anyone watching Food Network Tournament of Champions? Love this show. My man Darnell just advanced to the semifinals. Now watching Maneet vs. Christian. Antonia vs Jet up next. This is awesome.
  7. Graham, curious and admittedly have not been keeping up with current news regarding Prince Phillip, are Harry and Meghan attending funeral and how will they be (or expected to be) received?
  8. Reminds me of the older gent standing in front of me at muster drill one time. As if standing outside in oppressive Miami heat and humidity packed in like sardines wasn't bad enough I was forced to breathe in some of the worst gas I've ever smelt. Eventually had to pull my T shirt over my nose so I wouldn't puke.
  9. , Bandana goes over the head, I'll try the face shield next 😉
  10. I've recently added a bandana to my Covid KN-95 mask. Total badass.
  11. I've flown multiple times since the pandemic started and flying again next week to Florida for a land vacation. Planes have been close to full capacity. No worries for me. We take the necessary precautions. Not going to stop living, albeit cautiously. Will be vaccinated as soon as we are called.
  12. I personally like the pool decks on Voyager and Freedom Class the best overall. Quantum Class is best for cooler climates with two indoor venues. Not a big fan of Oasis Class pool decks.
  13. Apparently Covid hasn't dampened the Great Smoking Debate on CC! As a 30 year smoker who quit a few years ago I can honestly understand both sides. Now back to the much more pleasant "Routine Day in Lockdown" thread 😁
  14. Love Captain Sandy. Believe the chef's name was Adam? Never cared for him or Malia. Love all the gorgeous scenery on Below Deck, especially the Med seasons. Currently showing new season of Below Deck sailing yacht in US and Canada. Not enjoying it at all.
  15. I love the talk about 60's TV. Makes a 50 y/o feel young 😎 Now if you want to talk 80's classics, that's my bread and butter 😁
  16. No for me. I don't like cruising the Caribbean in Summer. I'll wait until next Fall or Winter when, hopefully, there will be more options available and less restrictions. Hopefully in 2022 we'll see worldwide cruising resume with some sense of normalcy.
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