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  1. Kudos to Windstar for doing the right thing!
  2. Just saw that my cruise (Baltic Delights) on Star Legend scheduled for June 2021 was cancelled. Under the circumstances I get that this can happen. Now, there is only one cruise for same ports happening in August 2021 which we are tentatively booked on. What irritates me, is that when we initially booked there was a promotion which entailed $100 deposit vs the typical 15% down. One would think that Windstar would just transfer the deposit and honor the original deposit promotion. As it turns out that is not case and to rebook they asking for 15% deposit. As this cancelled cruise was out of my control and as a long time Windstar alumni one would think they would honor the original promotion. Just wondering what you think or am I being too judgmental!
  3. Check out a product call Reliefband, I have used it on all my Windstar cruises (6 of them). Non medical FDA approved. If you start to feel seasick just put it on your wrist and set accordingly. I have seen a few other people on board with the same device. Looks like a watch.
  4. When in Santorini you should really consider having a lunch/wine tasting at Venetsanos Winery. The food, wine and most of the view from their restaurant patio was awesome.
  5. We will be on the Star Pride in May and I get what you are saying. Needless to say having been on the Star Breeze last year these vessels are certainly showing their age. That said we found the ship more than acceptable and experience no problems. Having been a long time Windstar cruiser, we did do a Regents cruise to Alaska before Windstar went there. In my experience Regents is a couple of notches above Windstar in most areas especially compared to the motor yachts. The Wind Surf is in a category all to it self and we truly enjoyed that ship for exactly what it is. Bottom line for us, if cost were comparable which I don't they are, I would choose Regent's over Windstar's motor yachts as they are now.
  6. We recently cruised on the Star Breeze and while in need of some updates it was in reasonably good shape. We are scheduled to cruise in the spring on the Star Pride and while I realize that all these motor yachts are scheduled for major rehabilitation, it does seem that the Star Pride passengers reviews from engine issues to overall condition are generally not so good compare to the others motor ships in the fleet. Anyone care to weigh in...
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