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  1. It is called Star Collector: Natural History Meets Ancient Mystery: Latin America & Beyond, from Aruba to Cozumel -- Oranjestad Santa Marta Cartegena Bocas del Toro Puerto Limón/Moin Panama Canal Colón Bocas del Toro Isla San Andres Roatan Belize City Costa Maya Cozumel
  2. We were hoping it will be a good thing. We have a cabin right around the corner from it! But on the website, the column for the Watersports platform has NO blue checks at all for our cruise. It's an 18 day cruise with 4 days at anchor. I am bummed that we won't even be able to try it.
  3. How, do we know when the water sports platform will be open, and how far in advance?
  4. Before a cruise with a Panama Canal experience, it seems like several people had recommended reading a specific book or watching a particular film, but now I can't remember what it was....Help!
  5. Oh geez, I was so focused on planning for days in port that I totally forgot about booking ahead for restaurants. We are doing the Windsurf that departs on 1 February for 18 days. I wonder if it is too late now?
  6. That Windstar Wizard is great isn't it? Kudos to the guy who put that together, just in time for me!
  7. We'll depart in about a week for our first cruise with Windstar and in looking at excursions offered by the ship we are surprised that the prices are very comparable to those of "external" tour operators. With other cruiselines, we always found such an "upcharge" previously that we have never bothered booking with them. But with Windstar we are really tempted! Of course, we'd like to understand why Windstar seems different -- why the pricing seems so relatively reasonable, unlike other cruiselines (Cunard, Oceania, HAL, RCI, Norwegian, Celebrity, etc.) Second excursion question -- for some ports many excursions are listed while for others the offerings seem rather paltry. Does Windstar stop displaying excursions on their website when they are filled? Do they do waitlists? Thanks!
  8. We want to visit/tour Mayan ruins on upcoming cruise -- maybe during our day in Costa Maya. We have identified a vendor we want to employ. Now we need to decide which ruins to visit. Yes, PICK ONE!! (and tell us Why!) The vendor offers a combo I'd love to do (Kohunlich & Dzibanche), but that requires 10 hours in port and our ship doesn't quite give us that (8-5). (We are two mid-60s adults who love history, biology, geology, anthropology, etc. AND don't mind walking.) OR -- to put a different spin on it, since we'll be in Belize City the day before we go to Costa Maya, and from there we could do a daytrip to the Xunantunich site, should we just do that instead and find another activity at Costa Maya?
  9. Hi, yes, I think we did! You were going to book something for the winter, as I recall. I just booked with Sasaki apartments (and posted about it on the original conversation). They are close to things and have good reviews on Trip Advisor. Not the cheapest place on the island but not too pricey either. Now I just need to settle the car question. Unfortunately, Jay is booked.
  10. Went ahead and booked this morning, just using feedback from TripAdvisor, at a little place sort of near the tourist area: https://www.sasaki-apartments.com/
  11. Looking for recommendations -- we want to pick up a rental car at airport and drop it off TWO days later at the cruise terminal. This would be at the end of January, so I have found that the highly recommended local companies like Tropic and Wheels2Go are already booked up. And other local companies often seem to have a one or three day rate structure which makes a two day rental disproportionately pricey compared to, let's say, a national agency Hertz! But I have read some discouraging comments online about the Aruba franchises of some national chains, so looking for advice. TIA!
  12. What a small world! Which cruise are you doing next?
  13. Hello Pea of sweetness, Just wondering what you ended up finding to do during your stop at Bocas del Toro? We have just booked a cruise that includes two stops there, on non-consecutive days!
  14. Ah, one of my best friends lives in Old Church aka Mechanicsville.
  15. Hatteras51, We live in a DC suburb called Annandale. How about you?
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